Divine! Bette Midler Gives a great answer to Justin Bieber After He Called her, “Britt Intervened’

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Justin Bieber doesn’t know, Bette Midler and the divine miss M is absolutely correct.

The player is 21 years old, recently opened up about their Nude photo scandal on a Billboard for an interview, even Midler review by dad Jeremy has now deleted the tweet.

“This Britt Stepped in,” said Bieber in his quest shadows on 69-year-old icon.

.@justinbieber Britt Interfered! I don’t know who it is! But, damn, this whore!

— Bette Midler (@Bed Midler) 5. February 2015

Many of us, including Midler, I don’t know who Britt Intervened, but regardless, the actress was very funny.

“@justinbieber Britt Interfered! I don’t know who it is! But, damn, b– – – -h!” you twitteó directly on the pop star. Midler also found a parody Twitter account under the handle @Britt meddler and retweeted a lot of comments.

It all started in October when Midler criticized the singer’s father, Jeremy bragged about Nude photos of his son: “@justinbieber what to feed them in this case. #proud dad.”

Midler spoke about twitter, “@justinbieber twitter dad proud of his son, size of the penis. I think the biggest d— in this situation, the father gave his son.”

On your poster the interview, Bieber admitted that he has no idea who Midler.

“I don’t know who it is, honestly. Just wanted to say ” Who is this woman?’, I feed this negativity”, he said. “I feel that the photo was an attack on my personal life. I felt super hurt. My father turned off the light, but I don’t think you’re sick and distorted. It was funny. Parents-the parents.”

As it turns out, hocus-pocus-star cheer Bieber ago.

“He comes from a long journey,” she said to PEOPLE. “I think he’s good. I saw him at the MTV video music awards, and I thought it was great. I just thought it was incredible.”

@Britt meddler I peeeeeed!!!!

— Bette Midler (@Bed Midler) 6. February 2015