English actor Joseph Fiennes in throwing like Michael Jackson, He was Probably more close to My color”.

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British actor Joseph Fiennes says he’s surprised about your new role as Michael Jackson, but she says her complexion is like the king of Pop, the skin tone.

“I am a white middle-class, young, London. I’m so shocked, how can you throw”, Fiennes told Entertainment Tonight, Jackson in the British TV movie.

“[Jackson] was definitely the problem – pigmentation on the issue – and this is what I think”, he said Jackson light skin, singer said that was the result, a rare skin disease vitiligo. “He was probably more close to my color from its original color.”

Fiennes, he called his appearance in the film “the Comedy look easy,” and added: “this in no way bitchy. It’s really charming.”

45-year-old actor will be under the music icon was, Afro-American, drama, based on the planned trip Jackson took with Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor, who after the 2001 terrorist attacks in new York. TV-movie aired in the UK on the channel Sky Arts.

Michael Jackson

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But would Jackson have not been very lucky with the casting. 1993 interview appeared on the surface, the music legend Oprah Winfrey, he said that they always want to stay true to his personality, than African-Americans.

He addressed the rumors that he knows the child is 90 Pepsi commercial, and he describes the complaint as “ridiculous, terrible story I’ve ever heard.”

“This is crazy … Why would I child knows to play with me? I’m a black American. I’m proud to be black Americans,” he said.

Film, Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon, based on a 2011 Vanity Fair story that showed, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jackson rented a car and sat down on a Roadtrip from new York to Los Angeles, after they are unable to take flight beyond the big Apple, because Sep. The September 11 attacks.

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The casting choice came as a surprise to many, and social media soon excited with the news that a white actor was cast as Jackson, the man, an African-American.

In fact, officials loaded with Black Entertainment Television (BET), tweet the decision sentenced to wash the face.

A white actor played, MJ. Because we are not white with white in Hollywood enough, apparently: https://t.co/8ZhjoOzqqq pic.twitter.com/l3y2ZmUabH

— BET (@BET) – 27 – January 2016

But Fiennes, recognizing that the casting of this solution may several critical, told ET that he and Jackson to look different.

Sky Arts, who had previously defended the choice of casting, PEOPLE say that “sky Arts gives the producers total creative freedom, which is required for the distribution of roles.”

“It’s part of a series of Comedy films of stories told far-fetched art and cultural history,” the production company, in a press release of the film.