Kathie Lee Gifford: Frank Gifford, and I had a “Great love story” Can’t Even Think about it, Again leaving

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Already two months since then, as the legendary sports commentator Frank Gifford died, but the memory of ex-football star, who is still alive thanks to his loving family. In the broadcasting and cable hall of Fame Awards Tuesday, October. 20, Gifford, Kathie Lee woman, and children, Cody and Cassidy, in honor of his father, on the red carpet and in a thank you speech.

“He was a man who had his faults like all of us, but he was a man embodies the grace, dignity, love, compassion, with no expectation of return”, 22 years old, Cassidy told the audience. “He was a nice guy that I am blessed with the privilege.”

Kathie Lee Gifford and Frank Gifford

His brother Cody, 25 years old, reflects the feelings and added a special touch to Kathie Lee and said, “about everything, just wanted to say [,] as they are proud of you, mom. He told me that he congratulate you, and I love them now more than ever”.

It tearfulTodayshow co-owner, 62-year-old, the newspaper opened on the red carpet for her deceased spouse and how you are in dealing with their loss.

“We met as friends, and we spent a wonderful love story, and then, towards the end, we were best friends for a very good price is what it should be,” he said. “We are trying out a new normality, and it will take some time. I’m waiting for you to come the door, you know.”

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda kotb visit the broadcasting and cable hall of fame 25th anniversary prizes from Gala

When vision again to leave, Kathie Lee quickly close the festival, “Oh, I can’t again go there!”

But she, at the same time his co-hostHoda kotb old romance with her boyfriend of two years Joel Schiffman.

“I want it to be happy,” he said. “I love this guy, it was a couple of years ago. He is love and loves.”

Although kotb, 51-year-old, who also attended the event in support of Giffords, have been shown to be evasive about the marriage in question, she adds, “don’t tell me!”

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