NCIS: new Orleans Scott Bakula: Why My family is not in the first place

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For NCIS: New Orelans’ Scott Bakula, success came with a price tag.

After he ten years to make a name for himself in the new York stage, theatre, San Luis, the natives moved with his family – then wife Krista Neumann and his daughter Chelsea, who is now 31 to Los Angeles, where, in 1988, retained a major role in NBC show-the time travel series Quantum Leap.

The next series in the same TV program was great, but it also meant that he was “never in four and a half stations”, the actor had supported in the latest models PEOPLE.

Bakula marriage Neumann, also he had a son, Cody, 24 years, ended in 1995. “It took me a long time to work my feelings in our relationship,” he says, adding that his biggest regret is not enough time Chelsea “years of training.”

But if he signed the title ” star trek: enterprise 2001 Bakula, now 61, has pledged a priority of your family.

“I had in my contract that I would spend every Wednesday at 6, I would like to be home for dinner,” says Bakula, that was then and father of wil, age 20, and Daniel, age 16, with his second wife, actress field, “Chelsea”. “And I have time on teaching my children “the football and baseball teams.”

Scott Bakula and field Chelsea


Especially now, when most of her children grew up, Bakula fly home in new Orleans to spend the weekend with fields, whom he married six years ago after 15 years.

“It requires energy and attention,” he says, his marriage is on the field, she loves to do projects, theatre in my spare time. “We are making every effort to be present in the relationship. Chelsea surprisingly in a timely manner and have taught me a lot about relationships and spirituality. I’m incredibly happy that a career and family that I do.”

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