Royal baby: Jo Frost.k.. In Supernanny), Gives advice, Wants, And Kate to Bring home baby number 2

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The parents of a newborn is never easy, but it can be exponentially more difficult if you already have some at home, even if Prince William and Princess Kate.

“Like all parents, the Duke and Duchess of going through the phase of transition because it will bring new Princess of the house,” Jo Frost, also known as Supernanny, tells PEOPLE.

But frost says it’s new things that parents can do to make the transition easier for you and your children:

1. The older children in parental responsibilities.
“Prince George is always 2 years. At this age children are very curious. Importantly, the participation of older brothers and moments, little helpers,” says frost that most newly created Jo Frost little rules.

“This new momentum for the whole family, and you want to make sure that the brothers, there is a time to bond,” she continues. “It could be as simple as knowing that his eldest son, whirl together with the baby during feeding.”

“It’s always nice moment, what do you see as the relationship and told her something, Not that hard. Be very careful, because it’s a baby, and you’re a big boy,” she says.

2. You don’t like it or punish the behavior, and countdown.
Frost warns that some children may again child behavior, as wetting, with a less expanded vocabulary, and to insist that need help with the tasks that were completed in the past, and how parents cope with these regressions is important.

“We have to understand that this is purely for a while, and it is important that the sensitivity and encouragement, and say things like, ‘Oh, you’re a big boy voice! You can do it!’ “she says. “We want to actively encourage children to develop.”

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3. If you can’t sleep, relax.
“New fathers feel that euphoric high when you feel your mind is racing and can’t sleep. But importantly, the moments of peace when you can,” says frost. “Even if they can’t get the whole dream, only calm and calm, you can be very useful.”

“Prince George is still at the age where he’s to sleep after lunch, so maybe a little time for mom and dad to relax,” he continues.

“But even if Prince George was a bit more, there are still opportunities for recreation, while the eldest son color, or make a puzzle and breaks can be as good as sleep, maybe sometimes,” she says. “Give yourself permission to take 5 minutes, give it a rest.”

4. To seek and accept help.
“The Royal family has a very professional and experienced nanny who is able to be the resolution of wrinkles, and mother Katherine. They play an important role in this “transition,” says frost.

“In the long term, it is about the strength to survive the first few months of criticism with a newborn, at the same time, the requirements, his son,” she says. “But nothing is impossible. Some of them you professional help, other families. To be ready to accept help and say thank you.”

5. Don’t forget, the celebration of Christmas.
“Give the children balloons and holidays, when the child comes home,” says frost. “If you with great enthusiasm and high spirit”, they are actually up energy for older children.”