Stephanie Izard of Top Chef 'Flash Dances' Your Ice Cube challenge

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Joe Laedtke

After I Top Chefa recovery Champa Stephanie Izard iconic scene for her Flashdance water ice ALS challenge, we would "â € sing with us," say not enough â € "She's a maniac, crazy, on the ground".

What I would say is that she is a good person with a generous heart.

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Calling it "an opportunity to create my favorite movies again," the Chefa continued, a PG-rated version of the scene-and-grind dance vapor film was made in 1983 to make long socks, running in place, and the end of his performance he took seemingly out of nowhere to soak a bucket of ice water to turn your body a bat â € "well, Steph! â €".

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While the chef is not Jennifer Beals â € "" It's not as sexy as in the movie! "Someone says pleasantly away from the camera â €" Izard moves were awkward and just as beautiful, and give you a large popcorn and Twizzlers package for your trouble.

But they took things a step further. Last Sunday, the day he shot the video, Izard pledged to donate $ 10 to ELA for each guest brunch in Little Goat Diner, a restaurant in Chicago, the challenge takes ice cubes.

â € "Nancy Mattia

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