The jury selection process against a person because of the Murder of Arkansas real estate Beverly Carter Begins

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This must be their last meeting of the day.

If the broker Beverly Carter went to the home in Scott, Arkansas, in September 2014 it is planned to show the position property for the buyer’s perspective.

But 50 years, the realtor disappeared, leaving a speechless community in search of answers.

The police quickly focused on 33, Ryan Lewis their suspicions, and they say that they forced them to bury his body at the concrete plant, where Lewis worked for a time. A month later, his ex-wife, glass Lowry, he was also arrested and charged with murder.

Sixteen months later, Lewis of the process in which the Carter murder. More than 100 potential jury members came to town, Pulaski County Courthouse Tuesday morning. Prosecutors hope the impanel of the 12 members of the jury Wednesday morning.

The people next to Carter recognizes that it will be difficult to hear the last moments of his life. In a text to PEOPLE, Carter, son of Charles, said that he “is ready, it’s over.”

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Proof was arrested OutWhen Left, Lewis initially told reporters that fall into the sight of Carter, “because she’s just a woman who travels alone – one Reich-the runner.”

Days later, the murder but he pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors are confident that you have to work hard to get you. Last month, there are a few setbacks when the judge President Herb Wright released raised a significant amount of evidence from the police. Also the condemnation of the interview was cancelled.

Wright decided that deputies repeatedly violated Lewis’s rights. Wright among others have failed, Lewis heard, without a lawyer and reported illegally in his property.

Wright decided that the search of Lewis car and home quote, proof is needed, let me search.

The jury-not found members reaches to hear the tape and thread the Carter’s hair in the trunk of the car Lewis. Don’t even know what the message on his phone that he found in his house.

According to court documents, police also various weapons and machine credit card reading took place in the house, but none of these can be presented in court.

Prosecutors also reproducing one frame, in which Lewis allegedly to kidnap Carter said and explain to police that he intended to collect to save yourself $100,000.

In November, prosecutors played a recording at the hearings, the researcher Lewis said that “it was all a question of money”, and claimed that he expects that “they for a long time.”

The case Against Lewis in silence, the prosecutors are some of his statements to the police.

Perhaps more important is the evidence of the testimony of Lewis ‘ wife, glass Lowry. They admitted their involvement in the kidnapping. He was found guilty of first-degree murder and kidnapping and was sentenced to 30 years. She will testify against Lewis in the yard.

Along with Deputy Jeff Ellison will testify. In the month of November, to the audience, he said take in the trial of Lewis, in his “wild goose chase” for getting the crankcase body.

It is expected that the process will last for two weeks.