Winter storm Jonas claims in Less than 30 lives, including 18-Year-old Pregnant woman Who Died After he was shoveling snow

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Thirty people dead reported so far, due to the massive snowstorm, the country was on the weekend. Winter storm Jonas closed, new York and Washington , D.C., and affects the lives of millions of people rushed to the middle of the Atlantic ocean and coastline.

Teen pregnant Briahna Gerloff crashed after the snow shovels on the outside of your home in Pottstown. According to local police, 18-year-old was 8 months pregnant and suffered several heart defects. “I never said that I was probably a good idea for you to outside said blades, a” member of the family NBC Philadelphia. “She wanted to do it anyway.” Briahna was taken to hospital, where both you and your child, Kayliana, were killed explains.

So if you gonna love me, love me like that

Gerloff Saturday, 11 April 2015 written by Briahna

The man caught in his car of the snow of the flood died from carbon monoxide poisoning Saturday night after CBS Local. David Perrotto, 56-year-old was found dead in less than an hour after he in the area of Mulberg, in Philadelphia.

Washington, D.C.
82-year DC resident, died of a seeming heart attack at his home in Washington Sunday. From District of Columbia, chief of Forensic medical examination, Roger A. Mitchell Jr., has encouraged people to take breaks as well, with a shovel to get a drink of water. Mitchell said you will see one of the oldest.

A veteran of the police Department of the Capitol, Vernon J. Alston, age 44, died Saturday after a heart attack while snow shovels in the house, your Delaware. “For 20 years, Official Vernon Alston holiday was to keep on the site of the Capitol, while the community safe,” the minority leader in the Senate, Harry Reid, said in a statement.

One Kentucky-transport workers died on Saturday, while plow snow on the roads covered by Christian County, Kentucky. Christopher Adams, age 44, was an employee for 16 years.

In Williamsburg (Kentucky), a resident was killed when their car collided with a salt – truck Thursday. Billy R. Stevens, 59-year-old was found dead at the scene, in Court-Whitley County office, after WKYT.

Two men were killed during the snow shovels in Maryland. 49 years old, he suffered a cardiac arrest in Abingdon and other broke into the Fort Washington.

New Jersey
New Jersey-a mother and her child were killed after your car full of gas, carbon monoxide plug the exhaust because of the snow. Sashalynn Pink, 23 years old, and your child is the Messiah, 1, were killed. Three years, daughter Saniya, and in the car, is in critical condition as of Sunday evening.

Operator truck working an accident along I-95 near Richmond, Virginia, in January. 22 2016.

Steve Helber / AP

New York
66-year-old man from long island was killed, having survived the snow plow Sunday night, after CBS in new York. Al-Mansur was standing in front of her house when the car hit him. Mansour was on the maturity of well North health Syosset hospital, where death was discovered.

Three people were killed, and snow shovels – two Queens and Staten island.

I hear you, Queens. We have 850 @NYCSanitation for cleaning its streets. We will not leave until then, until the job is done.

— Bill de Blasio (@bill deblasio) 24 January 2016
North Carolina
Amazing the number of six deaths occurred in North Carolina, during the week, according to reports. Among them one child 4 years old died on Friday night after the truck was on the move, he and his family got out of control and crashed, after Newsday.

A young man of 18 years out of high school, he was a hit-and-run-Sani, the incident occurred in Wheelersburg, Ohio on Friday night. Ethan Pauley was to be drawn on a sledge, who with a single vehicle ATV night when the car went to a red light and hit him. The driver confirmed that he felt something, but was followed by a block, after WSAZ.

Written by Ethan Pauley Friday, 4. December 2015

South Carolina
Ruby Bell, age 66, and Robert bell 77 years, died at his Greenville, South Carolina, home from carbon monoxide poisoning after losing power during the storm, and put the generator in the garage. The old couple died, and his son Saturday morning. Date of death is believed, on Friday night. Ruby and Robert were married for 67 years.

44-year-old man was killed after he was beaten from the car was out of control after colliding with a spot of ice.

Two road-related deaths occurred in Tennessee during the weekend.

Virginia Tech Director Jerry Scheeler, died on Friday after snow outshide their spades Daleville, Virginia, and at home.

Death is one of the largest in Roanoke #Virginia region #blizzard2016 RIP Jerry Scheeler VA Tech filmmakers of the blades had a heart attack snow

— Steve Boyd (@Aloha Yer) On 24 January 2016
Two people were killed in an automobile accident with one vehicle in Virginia due to frost, the conditions of the road.

Two hypothermia related deaths were confirmed in the state.