7 months later: Meet saved the Cubs Gus Kenworthy in Sochi

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Seven months after the silver medal winner Gus Kenworthy first love of a mother dog and her four puppies at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, the two pups that survived, just awesome.
EC, some paws.
"You have a lot of weight," Kenworthy, 22, told the people exclusively. "They are super healthy. Their fur is very soft. Their eyes are clear. His breath smells good."
Mishka is 52 pounds. and Jake is 48 pounds. – And that is a complete transformation of undernourished boys for the first time in March came to the United States. (See how they look now below!) Lives with him in Denver.

There is a happy ending to a difficult journey home opposite end.
Kenworthy friend, photographer Robin Macdonald, remained to take home in Sochi for a month.
A dog died before he was allowed to Sochi and another, Rosa, who wanted to keep Kenworthy died in the city of New York to leave.
"It was terrible," says Kenworthy, a freestyle skier. And had survived him concerned about the puppies. "I was always under the vet for every little thing made me nervous," he says.
Mischka is your dog and Jake heard Macdonald, who lives in Vancouver, says.
"Robin lives with me half the time, if it is in America, so I have to keep the two," he says.
Now, he says, "You are so close together."
"Total Embrace bugs'In Meanwhile, he is having a blast with the puppy.
"I love swimming," he says. "We went down to the river, or walk in the park. Tracking people like ducks swimming in the water, so after them."
"If I eat, I eat on the terrace, so that they can come," he says.
Sleep with him.
"Actually, I wash my comforter now, because it covered with hair," he laughed. "You are a total embrace error."
As grown, the bed is always known a little tight.
"It is further improved because the two of them and I will – it's a lot," he says. "If you roll over, the covers in hardware, and it's hard for me to follow them. So I assume. Really is when I would sleep in his bed."
With the dogs around, he says, has made him rather a homebody.
"I've never been in a large animal party outside all the time," he says, "but I've found since I had to go much less than you, because they do not want them to leave behind Strange. If I go to dinner. "
All in familySo what about the mother dog?
It ended with the mother of the Olympian, Pip Kenworthy, and his stepfather in Telluride, Colorado, the home town of the athlete. They called Mamouchka.

Gus Kenworthy dog, Mishka (left) and Jake

Robin MacDonald; Inset: Courtesy Gus Kenworthy

"When I call from Russia and told me about them, I said, 'I want one I want one.'" Pip, 60, told People.

Today it is up to 10 pounds. – Weight 40 lbs. – And he's very good, she says.
"She's looking really fit," she says. "When she left, everyone says," What. A beautiful dog '"
Kenworthy, who can hardly remember life before Jake and Mischka.
"You have taken a lot of joy," he says. "We had a lot of fun together., You are amazing."
Along with photos along the way – – in Freshpet Tuesdays 10:00 ET Kenworthy is a diary he kept the progress of the puppies to share.

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