All About-Prince George, Elegant carriages, and As Princess Kate in the state did to the Prince

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Prince George may only for 21 months, but still knows how to travel in style.

While the world is preparing for the next real birthday Princess Kate and Prince William, second son, who is now revealed as Kate and her mother Carole Middleton had a hand in the production of wheelchairs (or strollers to walk, as it is called, in the United States) installation for the Prince.

If Kate, 33 years ago, she was pregnant with George again in 2013 has a special desire of the British heritage silver brand de La Cruz (known as the rolls-Royce of strollers) to see if could create a few extra features, for which you have chosen to spend the night in elegance, Marina.

“We have put a few accessories, including a mosquito net,” nick Paxton), chief Executive officer of silver cross, which recently he told CNN. During the tour in the brand, in Yorkshire, in England, he said that it was a very good summer,” when George was born, so why need more protection from the warm climate insects.

Now the company has decided, supplies and mass, and, as a result, Kate’s request, mosquito net by default all future to spend the night in elegance, shopping (for certain models only, before Kate questions.)

“The Duchess of Cambridge, no doubt, will help us in developing our products.”, said Paxton, also showed that mother Kate, Carole Middleton, received a wheelchair (plus one-on-one show with the brand’s design boss) at his home in Bucklebury, England.

Cross of silver Pajama party (sold for a little over $1000) is the modern alternative to inheritance Balmoral design of the stroller is required for many members of the Royal family during the year, as Queen Elizabeth II

Thus, the new Royal baby, every day, to now look?

“Yes, I think Kate basket on silver cross for a new baby, and you get a light weight stroller type stroller for George,” Sarah Dixon, nurse, maternity, who worked with friends of the Royal couple tells PEOPLE. She adds: “Kate is known for recycling in your wardrobe, so I think they will do the same thing with the stroller decisions.”

Although the silver cross mother still, when George, your brother next to the famous Royal customers certainly seems likely.

“It is an honor,” says Paxman, who said that George stroller was made with the addition of special ingredients for extra special customers.”

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