As Cuba Gooding Jr.. I think that O. J. Simpson responds to American Crime Story?

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That O. J. Simpson, the main motive of ” American Crime Story: The people v. O. J. Simpson, I think it will be a new series?

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr., who puts Simpson on FX to display documentation famous in 1994 after a court killing, is not very secure.

“I have hope that I’ll find a way to identify a part of the truth as he saw it at the time, and eventually will come to find salvation and healing,” Gooding Jr.. before you told PEOPLE Now that Tuesday’s premiere. “And I’m not saying he’s guilty or innocent, but I have hope that, you know, anyone who is under this much better understanding.”

At the end of the day, however, Gooding Simpson carried out the reaction is “one of the questions that I did not, you think now.”

“I and my interpretation as honesty as I could, you know, I’m sure everyone who is watching, they don’t have their own opinions, and thank God, I have to think about it,” he explained.

Gooding will also be open, about the show, the efforts to “respect for the victims of these crimes,” he said, to show that it is “volitional” in the title, runner Ryan Murphy.

“[Murphy] starring actors of the notification to present, in memories, not memories,” he said. “The project trial dissection and the events associated with the sentence. We know that the facts that two people died, and we tried to make him more respect for the families as possible.”

Meanwhile, the question of what the Simpsons can really the series was announced back in the air: Though he is free to murder his ex-wife Nicole brown Simpson, who currently are in prison in 2008 armed robbery in the state of Nevada.

A spokesman for the Department of corrections of the state of Nevada expressed the view that Lovelock prison, where Simpson was arrested, “has no internal FX offers,” but his ex-Manager Norman brown told PEOPLE that Simpson has a TV in his booth and will be able mini-series in any way.

“A lot of people who have mobile phones and can be transferred to the phone,” brown”, he said. “He’s not in awe of her and her family. And I’m not saying he will go, wanting to see it, but it’s like an accident from the track, and he won’t be able to look away from him.”

American Crime Story: The people v. O. J. Simpson, narrated that on Tuesday (10 p.m. ET) on FX.