Edward Norton Hopes to Help More families After the start of the fundraising for Syrian refugees

Posted by: Newswalle

You get what you have.

This is the case with Edward Norton and the support and positive feedback after the publication of other people’s fundraising for an unidentified Syrian refugees, known as “scientists”, who lost his wife and daughter in the story is to struggle with stomach cancer.

On the Burma-actor, 46-year-old noticed for the first time in the history of Facebook has been viral and gained the attention of President Obama, blog, photos, people, new York (HONY) and decided that I wanted to help, money for helping people to integrate into America through their website, fundraising,
CrowdRise. The campaign has one $ 450 000 dollars in less than a week.

“I think he would be touched, all over the world, and the response was amazing,” Norton said to the PEOPLE. “I can’t believe none of us thought it would be hard, fast, and very comfortable.”

This kindness and generosity of strangers, it may mean that Norton & Co. to be able to help more people, in addition to “scientist”.

“He told us, if we give it the excess that you need to help the family, we will start to distribute between the other families,” Norton says of his hopes, with the expansion of fundraising efforts, all 12 families in HONY profiles series. “There is no reason, so remove the cover, and I think it’s important that people don’t know what to gather, our goal is people millionaire, will be able to expand to some of the other families.”

This special fundraiser was made possible thanks to a new feature at CrowdRise, what people to spend money on the individual or organization. Norton says that he inspires to expand, and thus, through feedback from users.

“We had many people with CrowdRise for the Affairs of the charity please contact us, if you could [a person collecting money] and one of the reasons why they were not willing to do that from person to person, was that the websites they maintain, this fee is, in our opinion, too much money,” he says. “We know that we are the best mechanism, most of which are for the recipient of the donation, and after a year I am sure we are a great place to do this for people. This is my first trip to the hotel, and it was very nice”. No different from the majority of your experience will be to participate with CrowRise.

“CrowdRise is an experience that every day happy,” he says. “Literally every day, every month, people that expressing his determination to have something good in the world. It is like hundreds, thousands, millions of people at a rally in this creative and innovative causes and organizations that care about them, or increase direct support for friends and family, in crisis in any way. There is nothing that is too big.”

Norton adds that beyond donations, this is a thing worth having, he wants people to read through all HONY series in 12 families of Syrian refugees.

“He said there is a famous Stalin’s line, ‘the death of one man is a tragedy, a million death is a statistic,’ and I think that’s the problem with stories about refugees and migrants-they suit you,” says Norton. “What did the people of new York from the beautiful that they are suitable and humanizes people. So we remember that it is not statistics, it’s the people.”