Orange Is the New Black Taryn Manning, who is Accused of the attack on the make-up artist in His new York apartment

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Actress Taryn manning was accused of being involved in a bitter struggle with make-up artist Holly Hartman.

Orange Is the New Black star allegedly headbutted Hartman, spray windex in the eyes and put the key head, according to TMZ. Hartman filed an injunction about the incident that allegedly happened in November, equipment of apartment New York city. The judge refused to grant, Hartman, issued on the basis that she has put herself in Los Angeles, but said the incident, which took place in new York.

Manning’s lawyer tells PEOPLE who had no OITNB star, 37 years old, last contact with the makeup artist. The partners together took a long history, with a manning’s tight, 2012, the alleged attack on Hartman. The charges were dropped later fall, and in time were described as old friends.

“The court rejects the request of Mrs. Hartman, because of the injunction. The application order is suspicious because the woman manning had any contact with his wife Hartman for many months, because the woman Hartman action against his wife of manning, who is currently a criminal investigation in several jurisdictions,” Hartman, legal adviser, tells PEOPLE in the press release. “These studies have long went this completely made complaints. Mrs. Hartman is under investigation because of the harassment women manning and theft and other crimes. It is clear that the woman Hartman camp is not filtered, these complaints were publicly available for the elevation of his position and dark EN evil.”

In order of limitation, Hartman reportedly shouted complaints manning he, “I with a white shirt, a large amount of blood. It is famous for the murder of Taryn Manning.”

Manning, who plays Tiffany Doggett in OITNB, even in the hustle and Flow, 8 Mile and Crazy/Beautiful.

A representative of Netflix, OITNB does not immediately respond to a request for comment.