Padma Lakshmi: ‘you Told me you Would Never have a child the natural way’

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Padma Lakshmi: ‘you Told me you Would Never have a child the natural way’
03/12/2015 12:30 PM ET




As a little girl, Padma Lakshmi suffered the diagnosis of endometriosis so hard, she tells PEOPLE: “I had to stay in the house for several days to one month after school. I week in my life 23 years.”

Top boss, the owner, 44, revealing their symptoms are bloating, cramping, bleeding, pain, pain in the abdomen – but it was something that really no one spoke.

“It’s shameful,” the supports. “It’s something deeply personal and private.”

First was 36, Dr. Tamer Seckin identified the symptoms of endometriosis , occurs when the mucous membrane of the uterus, may be excluded from the period of the woman and grows outside of the uterus, and is the surgical removal of excess tissue. From there, Lakshmi, along with Dr. Seckin, the endometriosis Foundation of the United States.

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“I wanted the awareness that no young man, you should ask yourself, what happened to her, as I so many years,” she says. Therefore, EFA – thanks to the support of the state, new York Senator Jeff Klein recently ENPOWR project focuses on school programs to help the girl to learn to recognize the symptoms of endometriosis.

After she was diagnosed, there are other obstacles to Lakshmi. “They told me that I would never have children naturally, it is only 10 to 15 percent in vitro,” she recalls. “If you see yourself through the canyon its 40-year-old, and know that you can’t have children, because the disease has been disabled and is not diagnosed, so many years, is devastating.”

Therefore causing the birth of a daughter, Krishna, 2010, “the miracle”. She says, “I’m so happy about it. His second name is Thea, means “God’s gift”. “

In 5 years, Lakshmi that this “miracle” receive, the mother of his efforts. While Lakshmi plans, 13 April flower bullet for EPT, Krishna is also trying to get their part.

Recently, the proud mom says: “she was separate from coins for your piggy Bank, and she said, ‘mom, you have my money for their love.’ She knows that her mother charity women ” pain in the stomach.’ She wants to help.”

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