Prince William Prince George Say ‘jump Like a rabbit” on Christmas eve

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As children all over the world, Prince George, leaping like a rabbit”,” Christmas eve, his father Prince William said.

In a new interview, William, 33, says 2-year-old son now knows about the holiday and so excited like any other child.

“George, leaping like a rabbit,” William”, said a Big problem in a new magazine interview, in the UK on Monday. “I think, George
it will be very lively this year, for he
suddenly turned out that Christmas is, first of all, When I sleep … maybe on Christmas eve will be fine.”

And William, whose daughter, Princess Charlotte finds first Christmas, she adds, “why would two kids who suddenly appreciate Christmas, it can be very difficult. But I’m looking forward to it.”

William was in conversation with the magazine, which raises money for the homeless in the UK, at a time when life seems particularly difficult. William is the picture of homelessness Centrepoint love.

An article in the magazine also, a promise William made Sophia Kichou, 24. When they met in the Dorm Next few years ago, she said, the reporter wanted and he said I would interview. The interview was in the new history, as a Big problem
William also spoke about his plans for vacation with his wife, Princess Kate and her two children. They will be in your home, prin hall in Norfolk. “We go to Church as a family on Christmas, as you always do. Then we will see George trying against your gifts, how it will unfold.

“It’s a completely different experience, Christmas, a family of your own.”

And dad clearly in the hope that it will be a romantic, snow. “It would be nice if we had a white Christmas, because we don’t have for many years,” he told the magazine.

William also talked about the root of their commitment to love, and reminded about the visit of the dormitories with his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales, whose patronage of Centrepoint fulfilled.

“I think it happens when my mom first took it when I was a kid. I was very impressed with the people I knew, and the fact that they fought with – weatherproof sleeping, sofa surfing, not having the basic amenities that many of us take for granted.

“What really caught my attention at a young age, considering Golf me grew up in a Palace and look at the other end of the spectrum. Was good to see, at an early age. In the modern Western world, with all the achievements and the privileges that you have, the fact that some people don’t have a bed or a roof over your head-that’s pretty funny.”

Kichou said that “an interview with Prince William was so significant in my career.”

“At first I was a little nervous, but how was this interview, my nerves calmed down and I began to love her. I am very grateful to everyone who helped make it happen.”