Princess Kate Praised, to Make One of the “Key” jobs – to Remove the stigma of Mental health for children

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Princess Kate is mission critical in your hands. When the steps again on their role in the public because of the time, since the birth of the Princess Charlotte, praised “one of the most important things for children.”

On Thursday, Kate, 33, school attendance for children with mental health problems under the direction of the center of Anna Freud clinic for education and research institution that specializes in the psychological treatment of children.

The visit is part of an ongoing approach to support vulnerable children, through their work in the coming weeks, PEOPLE have learned

“In order to draw attention to the mental health of children that you are by selecting one of the important things you can do to help this country,” said Professor Peter Fonagy, General Director of the Anna Freud in the middle, says PEOPLE.

Mental health is 23 per cent of the burden of health for the UK was a major factor in cancer by 19 percent.

“The majority of their starts in childhood. If you are on the road, in particular, in the field, showed that they could not do more than focus on the needs of children and young people with mental health problems” Fonagy, he adds.

Anna Freud centre “Happy”, from her owners, but Fonagy, is expected to also learn, Kate, and practice of their role important PSA) and several visits to schools.

“She sees things in this work, these features most likely I will not see, and draws my attention to things you wouldn’t normally think of. So I’m looking forward to hear from her,” Fonagy, he adds. “We found a common language.”

Kate showed publicly their commitment to the topics of child mental health and emotional well-being, since he is the promoter of Place2Be, a non-profit organization provides counseling for children in schools.

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