Say cheese: the glory of the family portrait

Posted by: Newswalle

"Will our grandchildren see these images with the same affection we?

After the celebration of the 50th birthday of my oldest brother on the weekend, my thoughts turned to the collection of pictures of our family. They are a motley group of beautiful, but strangely faded prints size. His soft approach has been favored by constant peeling back the plastic cover on one of those sticky photo albums with two kittens sitting inexplicable in a basket on the front. They are full of pictures of our family life healed quickly in the package ephemera. Clips of articles in the local press that the final results magnificent basketball or football; the certificate of a foreign spelling bee, an award for the most improved tennis; Third, you stick a run.

I still like to remember these pictures and thought of mom and dad did a great job with limited resources. With four children and our education and housing has to fulfill – and please give play to the local shop around spending money to Pac-Man – Mom and Dad is not much to work with. But we still managed to dress in what now looks like the height of cool 70. All eyes were large, bowl cut hair and huge smile. Our knee socks and sandals combination, underwear and red V-neck sweaters are much more attractive than the hand-me-downs that were likely.

These photos of our Rowdy happiness in my head engraved as alive as the album Arrival Abba, the smell of perfume or 4711 my Nanna. These images are from my story; its existence as much a part of my life as a real case in which they were taken. I have this. Due to the fact that the photos were not as common back then Later, I studied carefully over them like precious jewels.

At the party my brother to our family was a new computer. Three generations are from the banks of the Yarra in Melbourne, add the creation of another family photo on the stack. These new images will hopefully memories and the joy of the next generation, we now celebrate in our arms.

The song is always the same. Mum (Nanna now) is aimed at all on the spot. No one really listens, but fall in line with the times. Someone says something rude to everyone laugh at the time of the photo. Someone hurry assumes an initial crack and then 20 more in 10 other phones, just to be sure.

When I was a child I loved these pictures of the family is that we all get caught up in the moment. Uncle Terry with closed eyes and a smile full of strange teeth, Great Aunt Beryl accidentally showing their underwear after a few too many sherries. One of the children scream, all mouth back down and bucked teeth because someone pulled her hair. Another laugh tears. Haircuts and huge beards. The short shorts.

It is inevitable that this time, my brothers and I are now well and truly adult funny looking pictures to my nieces and nephews will be pointing and laughing in the future.

What I would give now to bottle this moment forever. To all hold exactly as we all at this time. But the ravages of time, without the inevitable challenges of life in between.

I wonder if you never see these pictures of your children with the same affection that we have made. If they are so expensive, we now many times from all angles, the editing is bad, then they hoard all in a cloud somewhere?

With the growing number of sea photo will remain for the day in memory of how our little clan of funny? Does the variety of photos that we took invisible because there are so many that no one bothered to look back?

I hope not. I would stay lovingly by a rare hairstyle or a questionable dress, and my aunts and uncles, who were before me in memory. And the next batch remember in our family the warmth of the occasion and the love, long after we are gone.