Shaquille o’neal: how My family Helped Me in the ‘Average adolescent offenders’ millionaire

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He has a bachelor of arts at the University of Louisiana. His MBA at University of Phoenix. Their progress in the professional development of the staff of Barry University, where he wrote a dissertation entitled “the duality of humor and aggression in leadership styles.”

If people think, Shaquille o’neal, it’s easy, its great, a person’s life. But the 7’1,” 43 years, he retired in the NBA-star wants to remind him, much more, and spends his time caring and burned the students remain in school.

PEOPLE came with o’neal, than took the segment of American Graduate day live 7 hours, the broadcast will air at PBS stations across the country, 3. October.

American Graduate day is a national effort, the importance of mentoring and high school students. (There is also the hashtag: #AmGrad).

For the segment, o’neill, 43 years old, said with Demarcus Womack, 24, a University student, that means the coaches will help your child in school. During the day, brodcast this profile more than 50 non-profit institutions that work for children and adolescents involved in the classes.

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During the reception of the segment, o’neill began mentors in their own lives. “I think that depending on the models, and how you can influence people,” o’neal tells PEOPLE. “It is important that children are on the right track.”

And affects what o’neill? “My grandmother, Odessa Chambliss,” he says. “She was a nurse; she was a person, a smarter way in the world. Not, after graduating from high school. She had a MEMORY, and then went on care to support me and my mother. You don’t need a lot of money to follow. My model won $25,000 in a year.”

“I was the average level of adolescent offenders,” he says. “There are many extracurricular activities can help a child the wrong way. But there were people in my life – my mother, my father, my grandmother, had sacrificed a lot for me success.”

The meaning of EducationSo why o’neill, whose net assets are somewhere in the 9-figure range, you may decide to invest a lot of time and energy to progress? In the end, it was not necessary, the standard of living.

“I had to do it,” o’neill, he stresses. “One of my sons. Two, for the african american community. Three, for the sports community. And four, for my mother”.

I promised my mother I’m my bachelor,” he says. “Then why am I about my love, because every time I would go to a meeting with my business Manager that I can’t see. Just see my lawyers. So I thought, ‘OK, guys, I think, don’t understand business terms. Let me go to learn from him.” “So, I got a master’s degree.

Then my mom called me and said, ‘you know, we don’t have doctors in the family.’ So, I saw in him. 5 years have passed, and I did it.

“I did it not for the fact that people call me, Dr. o’neill,” he says. “But I and my kids’ PTA meetings, the other day, and man, I went as Dr. o’neill’ in front of my son, it was a proud moment for me.”

I want a Good GuyWith his career in the NBA, behind him, o’neill found himself a mentor, and the children in your life, and fans all over the world.

“I understand that I far/close from a mentor,” he says. “There are people in my life, but then as I was watching them from afar. I have a responsibility, and you too.”

“I want to go through life, to help people,” he says. “I’m a good boy.”

“My mother told me that if you have a lot of gifts, you pay people,” cointinues. “My role in this world to be good with people and for people to show the way. I tell kids all the time is a bit silly but it’s true that I have been successfully working since I heard my parents.

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Parenting through ShaqO Neal not only to keep five children, if in your school.

“I hope that you are doing everything possible,” he says. “My son got a D in the role, only once, and he said that I can’t find the information.”

“I went,” he says with a laugh. “I said, ‘let me tell you, my friend. You’re Google. You Bing. What do you mean? When I was your age, I had a neighbor go out and buy the encyclopedia.’ ”

“When I’m in school now, I want to be a genius,” he adds. “I would like to farewell speech. World in his hands. As adults, we must help the children understand that.”

You have all the money in the world, but if you are not about the school, can’t grow,” he says. “I don’t want to be like 80% of the athletes, let them play and nothing. I don’t want a part of that statistic. So informed me. I want for my children also.”