South Dakota student Allegedly Misses, mainly, hand in hand, Before they detained the administrators

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The tragedy was avoid, South Dakota high school on Wednesday, if two administrators of the school came to the students only a moment after he shot you in the arm, police say.

Police in harrisburg, South Dakota, notes Ryan Rollinger, assistant Director Harrisburg high school, and athletic Director Joe Struwe as heroes next Wednesday the shooting at the school shortly after 10 a.m.

“It’s young people who bravely,” Sioux Falls police officer Sam Clemens says the PEOPLE. “It certainly would have been much worse.”

Clement says the student, whose name was not released – came to harrisburg High School on Wednesday and derechito to the headquarters, directed by Kevin lane. The two exchanged words and a struggle ensued, said Clemens.

Students produced a weapon and fired the round in Linen, willow, the head of the arm, says Clemens. A few seconds they’ll hear the shot, says Clemens Rollinger ran towards teenagers, fighting against him on the ground. Then, Struwe – and ran to the sound of the shot is left on the upper part of adolescent suspects, and the pair celebrated with him until the police arrive.

“At this point, I think he was the only one involved and there is no indication that one was attacked by that other Director,” says Clemens, adding that the school for the students, while the wounded were, no doubt, shaken by Wednesday’s incident.

The woman who answers the phone, in Rollinger from home, said assistant Director was still processing the events of the day. Struwe was not at home when the people cried out to him.

Clemens said that in a criminal case that may arise in relation to students, as quickly as this evening.

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