“The greatest concern is the Fact that It’s Still children Drink This water,” Says my mom Helped Stripping the leadership crisis in flint

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Long before other countries learned about the water crisis in flint, Michigan, several people, among them two mothers are outraged, Professor, expert on water and the doctor had taken it into their own hands.

LeeAnne Walters

LeeAnne Walters

Gina LeVay

September 2014, five months after water delivery in flint, Michigan, he pulled himself out of the river, Bishop, LeeAnne Walters began to notice that something is missing. Her hair was thin, his blood pressure fluctuations, their children were to break hardware in a rash and I had no problems even when walking the steps.

But it was not until December that the mother of four knew that something was very wrong. Walters, 37, and her husband put 4 years, twins, Gavin and Garrett bed, load the dishwasher and opened the tap.

“It smelled like rotten eggs and come on our tap in the kitchen dark brown,” says Walters of the PERSON. “We were confused. What the hell? What comes through our taps? It was just crazy.”

Walters not now, in the moment, but it was made of lead.

Pious mother did not sit. She received employee of the city test your tap water and soon discovered, measures approximately 400 parts per billion (lead). The maximum allowable concentration of the act of 15 ppb.

After several tests, his worst nightmare come true: their four children who have been exposed to lead and Gavin lead poisoning.

Walters met the original data from reports, and the city of flint annual reports and have started to organize themselves and with elected officials. Meetings were held, educational institutions.

January 2015, Walters, he met another player, the key in the water-crisis, Melissa Mays is one of the partners of the mother-question, which is in flint. The Duo was created in the near future, to Fight with water, a website to inform citizens about their study.

Walters popped a turning point in March, when Miguel del Toral, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency called.

“‘Aha’ – moment was confirmed as Miguel, I thought he was not for corrosion control,” says Walters. “He was still confused from the amount of lead that came in my house.”

Shortly after this, Toral to study the situation, to carry out more tests and started to receive the attention of researchers Virginia Tech Marc Edwards and local pediatrician Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha.

“That’s when he started to smash them,” she says.

Miguel Toral

Miguel Toral

With kind permission from EPA

Miguel del Toro is owned by LeeAnne Walter concern loud and clear.

“If not for LeeAnne, could have done much more time,” he told ABC News.

In Toral, head of the Agency for environmental protection approved the report in July 2015, with high values of lead in flint.

The EPA previously said it was unlikely that something was wrong with Walters pipelines, the cause of lead in water, but Toral, – said the publication of news and tube of plastic, which could cause problems that I experienced.

Don’t take “definitely, I think that would be necessary in order to mitigate this problem,” he said.

In the filters document in writing from Toral, it was found that the town drinking water was not treated, lead.

“I think back to the beginning and say that this will never happen in the first place,” he told ABC. “It is incredible that allows you to create a system with supply lines out of lead is one big system that has no treatment in place.”

Melissa Mays

Melissa Mays

Gina LeVay

2015, Melissa Mays and his family started to have strange symptoms. His family began to fall flashes in their faces, Mays hair has begun, and pain in the back and the muscles started.

If Mace was looking for an explanation for your family are suffering, she learned that they were positive for a long period of heavy metal poisoning. Mace then he pushed him with others in the community to the test.

They led protests, have used to Fight her husband, a graphic that started how to create background for flyers, posters and website with Walters-water.

“My main concern now, that there are still children who drink this water,” Mace said, PEOPLE in his homeland in flint. “I’m shocked that. We try to do everything to reach everyone, so a child not to drink this contaminated water, and then it loses its future, too.”

She adds: “No matter how great the government is, can you still fight them. Less than a year, drew a weak mayor and a corrupt government. If you chose any government official, does not care about your loved ones, yourself.”

Dr. Mark Edwards

Virginia Tech Professor Marc Edwards

Danny Miller / flint Journal-MLive.com / AP

Dr. mark Edwards, a researcher from Virginia Tech University, turned to flint-water-crisis in April of 2015. The issue, Walters called after the officials of state and local answers to your concerns.

Walters sent samples of their water, and he knew immediately that I had to help.

“I was the only one who could,” said Dr. Edwards says, PEOPLE. “What you see turns to stone, it’s the realization that this is not a failure of the government is a betrayal of the people of flint and in other parts of the government.”

If Edwards has shared its findings to the Agency for environmental protection and said that everything was in order, he decided to gather a group of researchers from Virginia Tech for future research. He collected hundreds of samples that will be used tens of thousands of dollars of his own money, upgrade and customize the website to the people of his find.

“We knew that the system had failed and wanted residences of flint and no one can help what she says at this point,” he. “So we have. We proceeded with the flint.”

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha

Douglas pike / Hurley children’s Hospital

If a good friend Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha said that he was from the city of flint with a corrosion control chemical into the water, a pediatrician at Hurley’s Children ‘ Hospital the alarm was immediately raised.

“She told me, ‘you heard about that? You may not see the lead values for children?’ “Hanna-Attisha said PEOPLE. “As a pediatrician, if you haven’t heard about the lead free act. We know that lead is a known, potent neurotoxin.”

A year and a half, Hanna-Attisha rumors have been heard about the problems with the water supply of the city.

“They told us that the water was safe. As we calmed down the government, we want to reassure you-our patients,” she says. “But if I’m not holding your initiative with lead.”

If the country and the state does not give them their data and “there are roadblocks at every step,” Dr. Hanna-Attisha took matters into their own hands.

See their own results of previous blood tests in your hospital and saw amazing results: the proportion of children in twice with the lead poisoning in the city and in some communities three times.

She shared her observations with their running, and the other pediatricians in the community.

“We held a press conference. They, as a rule, do not share research, during a press conference, but we have ethics, morality, and professionally compelled to inform the community of what is happening,” she says.

After, she says it’s “a little state” and said, “You’re wrong, you’re pathetic researchers that the cause of hysteria.”

But the seizures didn’t last long. Only two weeks later, Genesee County Department of Health led a press conference and announced an emergency situation for public health.

Next, Dr. Hanna-Attisha mission is to help people in flint that has irreversible damage of lead poisoning.

She threw a baby-friendly hospital initiative in Public health, but, the state University of Michigan, Hurley Children’s Hospital and Genessee Department of health of the County.

“The initiative brings amazing brains,” she says. “We have many research projects to evaluate the consequences of this action.”

Hanna-Attisha said she and hope.

“The whole world was in the right place at the right time,” she says. “There are bright spots. There are many masters here. It takes a village to save. This place is the people.”