Tim Dowling: my book to read aloud really a good idea?

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There are some challenges that need to accept, or not, just because the opportunity has arisen. Mostnon deadliest forms of failure are instructive, after all, and never knowing too old, what's wrong with something you never thought to try it.

These are some of the things that make me Itell in the days I am asked if I would like to read my own book, and before you say yes.

"The person who really asked you to hear your voice on the phone?" Says my wife.

"No," I say, "it was all done by email,."

"Huh," she says.

"Even if it's terrible," he says, "Howlong could take?"

The answer comes three days in another e-mail. For someone who cuts routinely Pingu reading his children jumped at the fair – that sums up the missing pages with the words, "it was very good" – that sounds like a lot of work.

I'm sure it is for audiobooks non fiction in the first person, which are read by their authors, or have no experience, but on my first morning in the studio, I do not have to meet someone in my situation – just actors. A man was hired to read 24 books in the series Sharpe. A woman who is deep in the midst iSpeak apopular fantasy fiction series. She talks about the challenge, I adramatic the many different voices differently.

"I can not even do my own voice," I say.

That's more than I thought. After 24 years in the UK, my American accent very committed, but when I finally never made sitdown and headphones, Irealise've aboutit a deliberate decision. Within a few pages, I'vecome to a halt.

"Is there a problem?" Ear, says the engineer.

"I can not remember what I have to say that I" "," I say progress. O Is a long or short? What's up with that accent? I am now call my accent? I can not afford to have an identity crisis here in the cabin, because they have to noon apodcast.

"Prah progress!" a Canadian actor says if I him. dilemma of this during our first break "Always!" I do not believe him that I split the difference at the end, changing the vocabulary and eachtimeIencounter.

In the afternoon, it is clear that I accidentally wrote a 302-page Twister. But I'm getting better after each mistake, I had to gather in the previous sentence, and the prospect of hearing my own voice has to screw up a strong deterrent effect.

"How did it go?" my wife says at the end of the first day.

"It was like an exorcism," I say.

The second day is hard work: I find words that I have never loud before that – we need to stop and look – and sets can not believe what I have written. I think jokes fall flat because of my delivery, while foreign listen as they drive along the M6 ??motorway.

"How was your day?" says when my wife came home, anddefeated Husky.

"I cried a little in the middle," Isay, "but I do not think that you can hear."

Day three ends abruptly. The end of the book can be seen in the early afternoon; suddenly there are no pages to turn. With 2.30 Iam to go on my bike home.

"How did it go?" mywifesays.

"No idea," I say. And I'll never, I'll never find out.

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