As Celine Dion children with the loss of her father: she “tolerated”, Says a source

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Celine Dion is dealing with the loss of her beloved husband Rene Angélil after his brother’s death until two days later. Click here to read the whole story, only on HUMANS.
When rené Angélil’s health declined last year, Celine Dion’s, he tried his best to get you much for husband and their three children.

“My children need me, my husband needs me, and I have to move on,” said the MAN in March last year. “If I’m not too far away I think my family is going to overcome this. For me, to show me my husband and my children and I are strong, and we are good.”

It Angélil family in 2014

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Angélil after losing last Thursday to cancer, “you are very sad about this,” says a source close to “power of love” singer. “But she is very good and has the person always a good person.”

On Friday the son-in-law Marc Dupre, a canadian musician married to Angélil daughter Anne-Marie, thanked his fans on Twitter for their support. “Thanks for your sympathy! Rene the model, my friend, my second father for me was ! What awaits us a surprise. Rest in peace xx Renee.

Merci pour vos news condolences ! René était pour moi un modèle, un ami, mon deuxieme Pere! Il va nous manquer. You sit in ne Rene xx

— Marc dupré (@marc_dupre) 15. January 2016

SUBJECT: Celine Dion and rené Angélil Epic love story in the photo
Much more, Dion and Angélil’s love story, and as a singer focused on the couple’s children, collect the last figure of PEOPLE who on sale on Friday.

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With the music Manager’s funeral is scheduled for Friday,” obviously, in a fight,” adds the source Dion, Rene-Charles, 15 and 5 years, the twins Eddie and Nelson. “Rene-Charles, the teenager had a difficult moment with the situation of twins who are so young.”

But there to help the family to stay strong, know that Angélil is always with you in spirit.

“I know what Celine really believes that he is always talking to her, and all” Dion life stylist, Annie Horth from each PERSON.

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