Bobbi Kristina brown, families, the Public guardian: “we are Waiting for’

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With the police investigation in the course in which drown Bobbi Kristina brown, his family focused on praying for a miracle.

No change in your condition, brown, member of the family tells PEOPLE. “We hope that God, he can do wonders in him so that he gets the glory.”

In the night of Monday the protection candlelight dinner must be 21-year-old daughter of Bobby brown and Whitney Houston was in life-support Jan. 31.

“Shine” light healing” wakefulness is an open amphitheater in the village of Riverdale in downtown Santa Fe, new Mexico, Georgia, on the outskirts of Atlanta.

On Friday, Bobbi Kristina, brother, Jerod brown, posted on Facebook, “even if the doctors can inform citizens that the opening of their eyes, it’s not good or bad…#StillPrayforBK. Although the media reported that she’s in a coma…#StillPrayforBK. While your neighbor may not be hope…#StillPrayforBK.”

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Family, describes the situation as “to wait and see. The whole world to pray; we hand in Krissi, and we pray for a miracle. I don’t know why that is so controversial. If this is his son, you would do the same. Where there is life there is hope”.

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