‘Katrina Found A Girl!: The soldier and the girl is Saved, in 2005, the hurricane Finally meet

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Air force Pararescue bridge Mike Maroni was disastrous rescue mission in Afghanistan, when he was summoned to new Orleans in September 2005 hurricane Katrina.

Maroni and his team spent seven days, going down to the roof, the roof, the salvation of the inhabitants of the chain, city, gloomy prospects for the task, which left him to wonder how many will actually survive.

One of the few bright spots was perfect, all three years ago, she received a soldier with a cheerful hug, after you and your family were on your helicopter.

These embrace “to invite me and gave me some garrison silver and that hope…he kept me on a hike through difficult times,” Maroni, 40, now a reservist in the air force teaches people how to be pararescue bridges in San Antonio, Texas, says, the MAN alone. “Could the decisive moment.”

Maroni, who never came, the girl or your family name, was the search you since then – and then, finally, he found that he tells PEOPLE.

His name LeShay brown, now 13 years old, and lives with his family in Waveland, Mississippi. Both meet in new Orleans, at the end of this month.

“I can’t wait to meet him to tell him how important they are,” he says.

“My job is not satisfied,” he says. “These arms, at that moment, he was, like everyone else, I was” thank you.”
Hunting BeginsThe hugs, soon iconic images of the effort to save the destruction from hurricane city, thanks to a military photographer, photography, moving moment captured when Maroni I’m at the airport in new Orleans.

“I’ve been everywhere, Burger King tablecloths and AT&T phone card”, Maroni, said the air force at the time that he first stories about the search of the girl in March 2015. “The Fund, which fell rescue pilots – Others May live – they use in their brochures.”

While LeShay’t remember to hug yourself (they were few), her mother remembers that every moment of this meeting, – paradoxically, LeShay it was soothing and you too.

“I was crying because I miedo…de it was the first time that I’m in the helicopter, the first time that I am in the plane and the first time I went on it, new-Orleans” Shawntrell brown, where she works at a local dollar store in Mississippi, says the MAN.

“The helicopter had no doors are open, so I saw, and I could see all the water, everything,” she says, “and it was too much for me, she was so comforting for me.”

Shawntrell who said that she was three years old, “so smart, and always says” I knew that the embrace was caught in the movie, but I never knew what was going on with him.

“They told me that the image can be in the magazine, but after all this time, I am,” he says. She had other things on his mind.

After Maroni brought Brown to the airport were cited, Tennessee.

“We didn’t know where we were going, but at this point doesn’t matter,” she says. “Someone was there to help us.”

None of them was aware of that until recently it was not surprising to Maroni, who said that he knew that the chances of smooth.

“I thought one trillion,” he says. “I thought it never would have happened”.

And not almost.
Rotation FateThrough years Maroni holds on to publish their efforts to ensure that girls in your Facebook and Instagram pages.

But it was not to schoolchildren in Waterford, Michigan, grew up on a search, won traction.

16-year-old Andrew Goard– whose grandfather was a military policeman in Vietnam – passion pararescue bridges and even Instagram pages, honour, and you.

After will be motivated, Maroni in search of other bridges on your side, Goard, decided that the thing itself”, because Mike had 18 years of service, and he was never truly gave thanks for his service,” he tells PEOPLE.

The boy used his page (at the time he was in the vicinity of 3,000 subscribers) to start #FindKatrinaGirl campaign in February 2015, then he has been seen and written about from the air force, time, and hundreds of press.

One of them was near where LeShay and now lives #FindKatrinaGirl campaign, finally, the way in the girl herself.

“Society tells us, saw LeShay in the news, and the whole world told us that whoever looked up,” Shawntrell says.

After I self-image: “I knew it was them,” he says. “I didn’t know you were still on him and thought he had to have it.”

You came to Maroni, and before the end of this month, he was finally meeting the girl that started it all.

And LeShay (this will be a lawyer or a basketball player, if he is great), he’s ready for big events themselves.

“I was very excited that he was watching me too long,” the MAN says. Apparently, she exclaims: “I saw no pictures!”