Kristin Cavallari Appreciates ‘the value of life’ After his brother’s death and car accident

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Kristin Cavallari no longer take life for granted.

Former star of the reality show was your score moments with family and friends after a hard months that she was his brother, the death of Michael and his Chicago car accident.

Rate “about the accident with the car and everything that happened in my life for me what have I done to anything in life,” Cavallari, 29 years, said that PEOPLE in the club boys and girls and halos event in new York Tuesday, where she helped lead a dance class for a group of children from place to place. “I understand how valuable life is.”

The mother of three revealed that she kugelt his elbows, after he through another driver in January. 21. “I tried as best I could, said with the right hand, but not really, I move my left arm”, she is working with children.

Nobody @Kristin cavallari pull down. Just a few weeks after the accident with the car, and the collaboration with the boys and girls club in new York.

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In addition, you get your health back in track, Cavallari, instead it is the book balance In heels on March 15, focused on their children Camden, 3, JAX, 20 months and at age 3 months James Saylor. And now with his hand, they big help was NFL pro husband Jay Cutler.

“I couldn’t ask for a better husband in this situation”, – said the PEOPLE. “I’m happy because now Jay didn’t work.”

“Chicago bears” – the defender’s hands was very-well, it’s out of the NFL season. “At his house every day and helps with the kids, it is very practical. I couldn’t do it without him,” Cavallari, ‘ she continued.

It’s a great workout today was with my club from girls and boys on the team. Thank you @HalosFun for a sweet and healthy reward. #Good Habits #snacks #fun #fitness #ad

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“And then, basically, because it hurts my hand, he prepared dinner, helped sometimes in the evenings, even my Breasts. Was, in form, good timing, around him. Thank God I was not in the high season, when all this happened.”

With raising three small children and work on his business Empire, ex-barrow star realized that she can’t do everything.

“I learned that it’s okay to ask for help,” Cavallari told PEOPLE. “When I Camden was so firmly that the assistance was not, and demonstrates to the world could have done it myself, but I was exhausted.”