Pride and prejudice and zombies and the Other 10 are adaptations of Jane Austin Never Planned

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The love story of Elizabeth Bennet and mister. Darcy said again and again on the screen, and each adaptation has its own approach to the topics of class, forms of communication and romance, Jane Austen wob in 1813 classic, Pride and prejudice. But now Pride and prejudice and zombies, in theaters in February. 5, presents a new series of themes: the living dead, for example, martial arts and lots, lots of blood and gore.

Watch the film Cinderella star Lily James will play Elizabeth, who in this version only the leader of a small army armed with a sword, from women in society in the fight against the advancing hordes of zombies. This is the kind of things you can do to tremble from their high school English teacher, but take comfort in the fact that this new horror movie that premiered in theaters on Friday, you can research for more than a few members of the audience, the original source of the material.

Pride and prejudice and zombies ” a literary event in its own right. The script is based on Seth Grahame-Smith, 2009, a parody of the novel of the same name. The book sold well, beat No. 3. place in the New York Times bestseller list, and gave rise, just as horror-mashups like Abraham Lincoln: vampire hunter was also written by Grahame-Smith the cinema in 2012, and this incredibly titled sense and sensibility and sea monsters

As far as Pride and prejudice and zombies from each business you can that Jane Austen does not intend, moreover, this is the first time that one of the works Austin have changed dramatically, for modern adaptation. As a salute to the universality of Jane Austen’s novels (and Hollywood, the will to say “sure, why not?”), we list our favorites here.

Enjoy – and if you are prone, perhaps the dust from this copy of Pride and prejudice (without zombies) and give the bookmark a name-ever.

1. Clueless (1995)

Probably the most famous of Jane Austen’s reworkings, but without a doubt, there are students from reading Emma for the first time and was surprised to find that Alicia Silverstone cher Horowitz is just fabulous ’90 version of Emma Woodhouse. Dionne (Stacey Dash) – miss Taylor, tai (Brittany Murphy) Harriet and Paul Rudd Josh Lord Knightley. I don’t know, got free, much more rave reviews from teen movies in General, but it was in vain: their main parts in front of gathered nearly 200 years, one of the most famous writers of English literature.

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