Princess Diana-That Would Be Great, Grandma,” Says A Close Friend

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Princess Diana would really be fun for grandma, says one of his close friends.

In a new interview with The Mail on Sunday magazine, Julia Samuel – who is godmother of Prince George says his late friend, who had the gift of making babies happy.

Diana was “the brightest godmother: warm and gentle and funny; the type of gifts parents, you never wanted because they were so big and loud and ugly but she loved children,” says Samuel, 56. “My aim is good godmother, as it is.”

Diana died in 1997, she became godmother to the son Samuel, Benjamin, now 26.

Samuel adds, “if a fantastic grandmother. It breaks my heart to think, because he would be incredible, you really could do.”

Samuel, whose love child duel of great Britain on the occasion of his birthday No. 21 this week at a gala dinner took after the Royal birthday of Prince William, was resolved, the Prince and his wife Kate George mentors in 2013.

Julia Samuel

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Diana moves seamlessly between their roles as formal and simple domesticidad and spend time with her boyfriend in the cinema or in school, says his friend.

“She loved him, if she could do anything together as a flushing or emptying washing machine,” said Samuel. “She was on a light movement between these two worlds – and if it was her, meeting President Reagan or support in my kitchen, it was always the same.”

And William with his wife Kate highlighted the difficulties that young people about mental health and bullying, is the perfect template for your love, says Samuel appear as sensitive to understand what the person is going on.

“Deepest sympathy, really comes – what is the reason why people feel better when they met,” she adds.

“He has the authenticity that Diana found, can be seen in his face and hear his voice. It’s warm, but very directly, the way she was.”