Santa’s Annual visit to children in hospital in new York, Inspired by grief, the father: “I Bring joy and magic Wanted”

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If Santa travels with the children wing of NYU Langone Medical Center, patients, parents and staff can not help, but the light from above.

For the last 28 years, Macy’s ubiquitous and beloved man in a red hospital in new York visited iconic during the holiday season to spread the joy of Christmas and bring hope to sick children and their families.

The feast of Santa Claus, all warmly congratulated on the arms, hands toy to ecstasy children, reminds the patients and parents who are a little new year’s mood can go a long way.

And hundreds of smiles due to visit Santa at the hospital each year, and all thanks to the generosity and kindness of people from new Jersey, the mission is named in honor of his late daughter died almost three decades ago.

NYU Langone Medical Center

When he died Jeff for about 5 years, daughter, Heather, from leukemia-3. in November 1986, he knew exactly how I wanted to keep your sweet memory maiden: brings warmth and joy to celebrate in the same hospital in new York she was home, when she fought for her life.

“The year went Heather, s sat next to me with someone to contact Macy’ and said I wanted to bring Santa Langone,” thus, 61, tells PEOPLE. “You were on Board. And since then, every year, Macy ‘ s and coordinates with the hospital of Santa appear and bring toys for the kids.”

For example, Jeff, a daughter Heather

Courtesy of NYU Langone Medical Center

“I just want to bring a little happiness was in the hospital at Christmas,” adds the father. “It’s all about the spirit of giving and let the people in the hospital know that there are others who know what they are going through and can relate”.

So, for example, spent more than 300 calendar days for sick daughter the page in the NEW hospital – to sleep on the chair next to her bed and shower in the vicinity of the doctor from the living room.

“We have thanksgiving and Christmas in the hospital,” he says. “It was really depressing, here in the days before she died. I wanted to bring you magic and joy to children and parents, and staff this season was not necessarily there when Heather was in the hospital.”

Maria Elena Sheldon, Heather old teachers still working in the hospital said that he did visit Santa Langone miracle, not only for patient morale, but a fun attitude brings optimism for parents and staff.

“Santa Claus and the children of light. The whole world is shining!” Sheldon, resource clinical nurse, tells PEOPLE. “Everything for the rider photo also liked. It gives impetus to our unity each year. It’s not the happiest place and received the Holy spirit through the main room, rarity.”

Courtesy of NYU Langone Medical Center

Macy’s stylist Melissa Sabin says that any interaction Santa baby “magic”.

“If the visit, he enters the room with a sick child, to see your voice, pure emotions and colors to the cheeks crawl.” Sabin, organizes events, for example, tells PEOPLE. “Still something special to see the parents to see their children so happy. It’s the perfect moment, it’s hard to describe in words.”

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Sabine said that she works at the hospital to determine what gifts Santa gets each patient, depending on your age and your likes and dislikes.

“It’s something magical that Santa Claus can bring happiness where you are,” she says. “He brings a shining light.”

Courtesy of NYU Langone Medical Center

This year, Santa’s toy handed a handful Langone units attention, including intensive hospitalization of children and adolescents wing and internees from intensive care for newborns environment.

“I know what Heather looked down from heaven, smiled, now, when the children left, visited the Saint,” about the way she said through tears. “I know, you say, ‘dad! I love it, you are doing a great job. Thank you for the smile on people’s faces.’ ”