Shemales for dancers, chair – basketball and pregnant-Naked activist promoting body-positivity

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Toronto, Canada NOW magazine invited 12 different local bar down, through your love of your body in question to have confidence in yourself.

Between the brave men and women who all thefeature Akio grenades, pregnant mothers and attract activist for human rights; Xica showers, TRANS-activist, dancer, writer and master, aircraft and Bo-mechanisms co-captain of Canada’s wheelchair basketball team.

Maroon she says she is pregnant really helped him feel more confident while posing Nude.

“I felt that this experience in motherhood, here I am, my body and to care for life,” he said NOW. “And is that the idea of a world where black women are usually seen as Hyper-sexual.”

Pomegranate, who works as an activist for the rights of sex workers movement, said that he was from the police last summer for the reason that her skin color

“Detained by the police-it is very difficult for me because, if not pull out your weapon, I don’t know if this is my last time here on earth,” she says. “The color of my skin and my body shows so much negativity. It’s not very important for me just to show my body in a new light, and to use the tools that I used to make a difference.”

Xica Showers


Showers of hope, your Nude pics will promote awareness of their causes transgender defender.

“When I’m an activist, I told myself, when I undress naked, to achieve what people are listening to me, I’ll do it,” she told the magazine.

Pour said that you never felt that his family accepts and from constant persecution, after they identify themselves as transgender, led she tries to commit suicide, at the age of 19.

“I grew up in a very religious family of Mormons in Honduras,” he said. “I felt as if my family doesn’t love me, who I was. I was also discrimination in the workplace. Outside, on the streets, I was disturbed.”

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