The couple, Jason Aldean, ‘we move on to the Next stage of our lives Together”

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Even before he tied the knot, country star Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Kerr, looks forward to your new life together as husband and wife.

“We live our lives. We are happy. We enjoyed each other, and we’re happy to marry her, and in the next phase of our life together,” Aldean, 38 years, said the PEOPLE, who before the wedding in the month of February. “My life is super. I am really very happy. We are very happy.”

And “My party”, the singer is the one who recognizes that he realized, through the wedding-planning process of the wedding and the wedding day is something that girls dream all my life” – threw a hand with the details of partners, special day.

“Britt is overloaded, sometimes, a lot of people doing it,” said Aldean. “She wants, I love it very much, so if you ask yourself that I was happy to give, in my opinion. Many people are attracted to the bride, so I’m happy step and decide if it’s what he wants.”

“But I’m not going to jump and kicking around or give, in my opinion, if he’s not wanted,” he added.

One of the candy, wedding details Aldean’s not a plan?

“No, I don’t want to eat cake, so I’m not even weighing on the groom’s cake”, he said.

Pair – they were the first connected, if you took a picture every time cozy in 2012, while Aldean was still married, with ex-wife Jessica Ussery, the mother of his two sons, received a lot of criticism for your relationship.

“There will always be people who don’t want, let them go, he will always be negative, no matter what, and I can’t stop me,” said Aldean, has also led to Instagram in August 2014 to protect their relationship with Kerr, 27-year-old. “It’s very strange that my personal life is awakened, these kinds of things that are so important to people that we don’t know, feel like I’m waiting for your consent. It’s not me.”

“It was a very hard way last year, but I feel that we are on the other side from it,” he said.

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