The Oscar-nominated actor Frank Finlay, Dies at 89

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Frank Finlay, British actor, known for the Oscar-nominated work as Iago in “Othello” and in 1975 the Three Musketeers, she died, after her website. 89.

“We are very sorry that we can announce that Frank died, today 30. January 2016, at his home, surrounded by family, to read the Declaration. “He was a good actor and he’ll be really, really misses his family and friends.”

Finley, who was preceded by the death of his wife of 50 years, Doreen shepherd, had more than 100 credits to his name, and, finally, a series of the Four seasons appeared in a British TV mini-in 2009.

The value of the function, including Casanova to notice, in the title, as in the 1971 mini-series 1976 bouquet of barbed wire.

The actor was also once a member of Laurence Olivier’s National Theatre company, where for the first time legendary star was in the phase of production of “Othello”.

“RIP, my grandfather, Frank Finlay, CBE,” musician Josh Coombs, and his grandson, – he wrote on Twitter. “It’s funny, kindly, voice acting, incredibly, inspiration, and one of the best actors this country has seen.”

RIP, my grandfather, Frank Finlay CBE. Funny, naive, narrator, incredibly, inspiration, and one of the best actors, who saw this country

— JOSH COOMBES (@TigressJosh) 30 January 2016

Other stars expressed their condolences on the Internet, including books about Harry Potter’s David Bradley.

“I had the pleasure to work and see, Frank Finlay wrote in Olivier’s NT company, 1973,” Bradley. “The floor constantly, always fun and bright. RIP Frank.”

I had the pleasure to work, and Frank Finlay in Olivier-NT-1973-sized enterprises. Down on earth,funny,and always light. RIP Frank

— David Bradley (@bradders_david) 31 January 2016

The musician added David Essex, “I feel That the honourable Frank Finlay died yesterday. It was a very good actor and a gentleman. As Bligh in mutiny inspires him RIP.”

I feel that the honourable Frank Finlay died yesterday. It was a very good actor and a gentleman. As the Bligh mutiny in the RIP was inspiring.

David Essex, OBE (@News David Essex) 31 January 2016

Finlay had three children: Stephen, Daniel and Katie (Coombs’ mother), Finlay. Stephen died in 2004.