Zendaya in Her New collection of shoes: it for All women’

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Zendaya in Her New collection of shoes: it for All women’
02/03/2016 at 01:20 PM ET




Zendaya is not alien to share your feelings with the fans. And now she’s his only well, from the sun, from its new footwear line, Daya from Zendaya. K. C. Undercover actress, representing its first issue online shoes this spring, called by its nickname Playground.

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A young 19-year-old superstar worked together to create a collection with your hairdresser about the law cockroach with one purpose: footwear for “all women”.

“We thought creating classic silhouettes and things, I think the whole world would immediately a little differently,” Zendaya said to the PEOPLE, about the collection, which in one litter – the feast of the triumph line in Los Angeles. The event was filmed to celebrate one of the next episode from David Tutera for US TV. Their goal was to add a bit of edge and our own personal rating,” a traditional Shoe silhouettes. (The price is too good. All of the shoes for less than $225.)

“We wanted to do something, something real and tangible for the people you love, Zendaya, consequences, and want a small piece of it,” added roach. As a design inspiration, to see you today in Hollywood, Zendaya and the cockroaches, instinctively, was “the past”.

“I think everything was great, everything cold, so we do a lot of studying of the person, like cher, people like Bianca Jagger,” Zendaya shared bathroom.

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But she quickly realized that the design of the Shoe is hard and much more time to buy shoes.

“We have worked very hard, and we have a lot of time, effort. There are a lot of details,” she explained. “A lot of things that don’t like him, like, ‘Oh, you should take them?’ How much do you need to find on the sole of the color shading, which will be naked. So, so detailed.”

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Against Zendaya considers that the collection was, she had a feeling given full attention to detail. “We’re pretty Dang good.”

You are a fan of star-style? Are you excited about her Shoe line. Without sound then.
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