17 things We Learned About Drake Again Fader interview

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Aubrey Graham.k.. Drake,.k.. America groom, only gave his first big interview since 2014, when he spoke with Rolling Stone, and later wrote on twitter that he didn’t want to say, magazines.

Faders – Leon Neyfakh said the rapper about his next record, the kind with 6 beef with Meek Mill, authenticity in hip-hop and their mother, who loves almost as much as we do, that we love him so much love.

Here’s everything we learned.

1. He loves cars.

“I was a private driver’s license for a long time. Horse riding, training with the driver and security and such things, you lose something.”

He continues.

“It was my favorite thing in the world, you know?…The trip was only the most basic things in my life to write.”


2. He’s as sensitive as knew about it … also mentioned that he likes to go? Because he makes.
“Sometimes, these units were difficult people, depending on what happened, where it comes from or what will happen, where will you go.”


3. Don’t quite understand how Drake, it.
If asked whether he would worry about the risk, ” he starts, of course, their abilities, and communication with the public,” he said

“I never felt like, ‘Oh, people are biting on everything Drake. I’m just not so, my boy. I don’t feel that way about my music…”

4. He tries and he doesn’t care who knows.
“I mean, I really tried. It’s not as if I sit here, just f—‘ shot with his eyes closed. As I try. I really tried to make music for your life.”


5. He takes care of you, from all of us.
Discuss surprise 2015 communicated, If you read This before it’s too Late, Drake explained how he gave each and every one of us a gift.

“It was like the gift that it was. It was only one sentence. I just wanted to do something for you to start the year. I wanted to be first. He wanted that to be right.”


6. Pittsburgh baffle, he, like all of us. As we all are.
“I’ve always been so envious, man, Wiz Khalifa was the song” Black and Yellow”, and it was just a song about Pittsburgh … How the world was, was singing a song about Pittsburgh. And I was so stunned, as a composer, as he stumbled with a single blow, from registration through Pittsburgh. The city should be in euphoria!. You should be proud of. And I said to myself, about the duration of his career, I would, of course, the song, not strictly belonged to Toronto, but that the world embraced. So, “know thyself” – was a big deal from my list.”

7. He embraces a new, warm sound and embraces global influences.
“I love it, dancehall, currents, especially in recent times. I virtually don’t until a rap on the beat has at least some magic element of the new rate or new pocket, where I can hear myself, and I feel like I stumbled upon something new.”


8. He is invisible, and through.
“There are times when I sit around, looking for three, four words. I’m not looking for, like 80 bars, in some ‘5 hours’, ‘Paris Morton’-s – – -, you know? There are moments, like this one, too, but in times of trouble, complicated in structure, if you are looking for four words, the right melody and the right cadence. I’m asking you. I have nothing – I have about sex, partying. Gives me that feeling.”


9. He has a trail of reason. A number? Their traces.
“A new thread is absolutely important discovery in rap for me. Honestly, I love it, I love it, I’m sitting here with you, but at the same time I don’t because I’m in the Studio to go, and I pray that the 40 has a rhythm, so I can do something new, I have never done before. It’s my biggest joy in life.”


10. He loves his mother. He was also a brilliant child.
About his inspiration for writing “Sweeterman:”

“It’s only pipeline from my mother. I want to go home attempt made, me very well, and my mom read me the notes back to the office, which just marked 94! So I sometimes to do just that. I hear people, things, and … I, my interpretation of how you would do it.”


11. He “hears” us.
I don’t want to think that I can help.’ It is not committed. More than that though we don’t talk, I can hear you, you know? But if I hard drive, all I want you to know I hear you.”

*Death, loss of consciousness.*


12. He plays the ball. Love kickball.
It was a game for the charity ball-game if her brother called her to say that Meek Mill was “trying to put an end to” the “spread propaganda”. Drake engraved “Download” night.

“In the circumstances, I felt good, just to remind people about what I should do.” (He smiled as he said it.) “In the event that their views were to fall at any moment.”



13. He was gentle lack of response to ‘Download’
“This is a discussion about music, and no one keeps any kind of music? Are you talking about writing music and bringing music with me? And has nothing to do, laid them on the table?”

To kill. To kill. To kill. To kill. To kill. To kill.


14. I couldn’t even with her.
“It was weighing on me. I have not yet received. I don’t understand how there is no strategy, which is on the opposite side. I just can’t understand.”

15. Drake is not equal, in the heart of the debate originality in hip-hop.
“When I glass in this conversation to be polite, you know, God doesn’t want that you start talking about Scripture, and links, and accept that where I am is good with me.”

16. He’s also not a matter of ‘time-marker’ for their generation.
“The fact that my generation – I’m 28, but I feel that may have children, now 16, still can grow, Drake.”


17. Non-discrimination, which is also not against a double negative.
“Not vulnerable, it’s not my business.”