Bruce Willis has a great new invention, corn on the cob eating

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We know that Bruce Willis plays a mean harmonica thanks to his appearance on Saturday Night Live last fall. What we know that he is an inventor, too!

Introduction to the hands-free system food, corn, Bruce Willis. Willis debuted his brilliant invention on The Late Show with David Letterman last night. The used as a harmonica neck rack gadget to keep the ear of corn directly on the perfect level of enjoyment. It is not the way to enjoy corn on the cob parent, but it's handy if you already juggle on a grill and a plate.

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Willis also showed how to share your corn on the cob with a friend, if you get the hands free gadget Letterman, used to take a few bites.

We're a little skeptical about his method of adding butter to corn, but not all inventions can be a breeze. Watch the video of the occurrence of Willis below.

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No word on whether or not Willis is his corn supply hands free to sell, or whether we only have our own version of DIY. But it's a celebrity Kickstarter we definitely support you.

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