During the Hillary Clinton Caucus night: sub friends Charlotte and Quick turn Lay around new Hampshire

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Hillary Clinton that the work is done – at least for one day.

Less than 24 hours before night on Monday the Congress by Iowa, Hillary said to the PEOPLE, had the chance to spend the day “time” with family and friends in Iowa, to wait for the results to role in.

“There isn’t much to candidacy, or candidacy in the family of Nations – day or primary day or election day,” says hope, democratic, whose rival Bernie Sanders went before her in the Iowa poll released on Monday. “Work was divided and all of your employees, your team – in these elections, thousands of volunteers who work so hard. And you must avoid, in his way. This is the biggest no-no: not to interfere in his work.”

Left to right: bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton


Hillary and daughter Chelsea Clinton, leaving her in the campaign, in the South of the post Des Moines Monday morning from the camp donuts and coffee.

“I was forced to leave them, and tell them how much we appreciate their hard work,” he told Hillary volunteers. “I thought I would bring some healthy snacks!”

“I’m so passionate about this evening. I’m so excited!”, he added.

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

Andrew Harnik / AP

Hillary support system hawkeye state far beyond its employees. Chelsea and the father, bill Clinton, who participated in the campaign of Hillary all over Iowa. And Hillary’s 16-month-old granddaughter, Charlotte, is also on hand to help grandma on this night – but only until bedtime.

Also Chelsea tells PEOPLE that nearly 40 from their mother, friends and former colleagues from high school met in Iowa in the past to search for former Secretary of state. “It’s outrageous striking example of my mother, the loyalty and friendship that says for decades,” Chelsea.

“I have so many wonderful friends,” Clinton,” he adds. “I was born from all our friends to share my life for so many years, I owe a lot to them. You were there for me. Van der drift inside and outside, to sit, to tell stories.”

Clinton says they are also, probably, in the end, national and local, interviews on the night of Monday the authorities. And then, after the Iowa results, the next state of new Hampshire.

“For me will be to be here to fight off the caucus at night, and the results in New Hampshire, on the floor, where she speaks in new Hampshire”, Clinton. “It’s the rhythm. You just have to do for further progress.