Giuliana Rancic: “You Called Me Ugly, And My Whole Life”

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She showed the staff from fear and pain privately in her reality show, Giuliana & Bill, but Giuliana Rancic keeps very painful part of her past, secret, until now.

E! personality, age 40, shows in his new book, leave a script that already more than ten years she suffered from scoliosis, curvature of the spine, which, if not treated, it can lead to deformation constantly.

“The subject of scoliosis and other type of ugly for a young girl,” says Rancic, who was diagnosed at the age of 13. “It’s one thing I hate the hair, or you have bad skin, but it is the things with something to try. [Scoliosis] it is very difficult, camouflage-that’s all you think about all day, every minute of the day.”

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Because of the severity of the curve, Rancic hip was-inches higher than the other. “I always wore loose clothing,” she says. “I’ve coached me, so all seemed to be inclined about something.”

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The memories still hard to remember that the mother of the Duke, 2, (her husband bill. “[Young people] I tried to enter, competitions and auditions for the film, and model because I think I lost hope that one day someone told me I was pretty. I thought it was not. I was crooked.”

Corrective surgery 21 against Rancic spine, but it left a scar, and significantly bony shoulder blades, stood in the center of the hot weight of the debate, when she was wearing a dress at the Golden globes in January.

“It was very painful for me because it was the first counter-attack on my weight,” Rancic, ” he says. “And the fact that I lived with my back and it looks like that she was a girl. My shoulders forecasts, resulting from scoliosis. Even if I won 20 pounds, which my bones that still look like they do.”

But, despite all the criticism, Rancic sees a positive result of this fear. “They called me ugly to my life, but I did what I am,” she says. “I always tell the girls, regardless of the battles in which they go about a young woman, it’s what it does later. Even if it hurts again, thinking that I wouldn’t trade is one thing. Because everything that happened when the child was brought to me where I am today”.

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