How Teresa Giudice, the prison experience to Compare Orange Is the New Black? We study

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Fans began comparing Teresa Giudice to Orange is the New Black holds Piper Chapman, as soon as it became clear that from the real Housewives of new Jersey star would be the position in minimum security prison for women, inspired by the success of the series from Netflix.

And these comparisons are not too far away, based on the data The New York Daily News Giudice memory book. Turning the tables: a housewife ‘ Chronicles Giudice New 11-month stay at the Danbury Federal Correctional Institution through fraud (it was launched in December). And although the circumstances of his time in prison, are very different from drugs trafficking Piper, I couldn’t help but notice a why can’t some of the similarities and differences between key Giudice story and ladies in Lichfield.

Giudice shows that his cage was in prison as his ‘Boom Boom Room’, because they remain, like their colleagues arrested, UM, busy.Â
It sounds like a classic OITNB narration, when they saw the woman in the show, the running, the sex everywhere – in the shower, in the closets and in the prison-Church (in reality).


“[He was] tone,” Giudice recalls in his memoir, reports The New York Daily News”. “I could see around, the two women … with a grade … I can’t believe this is happening!”

Giudice writes about heterosexual women gay, you need to stay in jail – an experience that is basically universal in the world of OITNB was ‘.Chapman, devoting himself friend Larry bloom, has passionate sex with ex-lover Alex Vause. That is, Lorna Morello, pretending that person agrees that you did in prison bullying has a sexual relationship with another detainee Nicky, by the way.


On his first day in Federal Correctional Institution, Giudice was a strip search, and then said to his hips, her tongue out and cough.If Chapman was the first to come to Litchfield in OITNB, you are here, you are doing exactly what you are looking to demoralize and deshumanizante.

“I wanted to die,” Giudice wrote in his autobiography, has received from the New York Daily News”. The news also reported that Giudice he was obliged rhinestones, jacket and black tights.

The prisoners called Giudice ” of Hollywood.’In OITNB, too much, everyone has nicknames, including jewels like Crazy eyes, Red, Pennsatucky and Taystee.


While he was in prison, judge Joseph tried to focus on what you her husband, Joe. According to the New York Daily News”, sent him abusive cards with pictures sexy poses for father’s day.Keep passion in life with a partner who is not sitting in jail with them can be difficult. In OITNB, Chapman companion Larry tries phone sex with him a beautiful (and short) phone call, but she doesn’t give up. (She only wants to listen, all those delicious foods that we buy are Whole Foods.)

The Daily News reports that Giudice knocked’, the back door of the prison, a Spa centre, to make prisoners, nails, and hair.In OITNB, Laverne Cox, the character Sofia, takes care of all prisons hair needs.


Giudice, reported to officially hits shelves on Tuesday, Feb. 9.