In the case of bill Cosby: it was necessary to Go to jail?

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Comedian bill Cosby may not be what you against criminal charges after an alleged sexual assault at the Playboy Mansion in 2008, but still a case for a fight in the courtroom of Pennsylvania.

In Dec. 30, the Montgomery County Prosecutor Kevin Steele announced load Cosby, age 78, of aggression with the closing of the aggravating circumstance improper for a case from January 2004 to take drugs and sexual aggression former temple University staff Andrea to Stand in your Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, Villa.

Cosby says what happened between them by mutual consent, while Standing, was in court acts last summer that you are gay and was not in a relationship with a woman it’s time, ‘ he says.

Still more than 50 women. Cosby was accused of drug trafficking and/or sexual violence (Cosby denies), but only accused in the case Are Many women lawyers say they expect to testify, if necessary. Cosby, and refused all the charges.

For more information about the allegations against bill Cosby, to collect the amount of this week with PEOPLE, to sell on Friday

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Cosby, to ten years imprisonment, a $ 1 million dollar Deposit . In the night of Wednesday, district judge Elizabeth McHugh lawyers Cosby provided the move request, Jan. 14 hearing, but a new date has not been proven. Their lawyers promised installation “vigorous defense” of what you are saying is “unreasonable positions”.

Legal Question Legal experts say both sides have their problems in the yard.

Rica DeSipio, a lawyer in criminal and ex – sex crime Prosecutor’s office of Montgomery County, believes that the key question is whether one of the 50 several other alleged victims who have the right to be heard as witnesses.

“It’s one thing to hear the jury, the woman will say,” I drank some wine, took one tablet and was sexual abused against my will,” says the MAN. “This game is totally different to hear that 10, 25 or 50 women. ”

The certificate may be included, in what is known as “other activities” evidence ” in Pennsylvania for approval to the judge.

“This is a sample of behavior to show their [alleged] plan in the Commission of crime, – to show that this is the way that he is committing, sexual violence,” said DeSipio, is typically used many times, while treatment of violent sexual assault in Philadelphia and in Montgomery County.

For the testimony is so potentially damaging to the defendant should the striking similarities of alleged victims in the case, said DeSipio.

Bill Cosby tab police after his arrest in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

The Sheriff Of Montgomery County

Standing so, DeSipio picture of the supposed other legal acts, which were supposed to follow to be allowed: “He’ll be there women in the power position; they are separately, then you will be a kind of drug, be it alcohol or pills, then click this way.”

“Once one of them so individual, as the present case is that you will not be allowed,” DeSipio says he. “Just someone who claimed to be sexually are not accepted. Should not be identical, but very close.”

The rule on the crime of aggression, sex, DeSipio says.

“Judges are more prone to this testimony in cases of sexual violence in other types of crimes because, as a rule, no other evidence,” he says. “This, of course, a secret crime. Your word against his. It will not be every physical evidence – DNA, there is no examination, there is no evidence the pills. And anyone to do commits the crime of sexual this once.”

DeSipio believe that the case will sink or swim when other alleged victims have confirmed.

“I think that when the victim says “not guilty,” DeSipio. “If additional victims who can testify that they were found guilty.”

Time AllegationsThe prosecution also Cost, it is likely that you explain why now 42 years old, followed to see Cosby after that, she had to do twice, and why he waited a year to go before the authorities.

“The delay in reporting stipulate that the claims process from sexual abuse – or on occasion, the majority of offenses seriously,” says Joe McGettigan’s, have been edited to successfully ex-Penn State defensive coach Jerry Sandusky of sexual abuse of ten young boys and is currently a lawyer with McAndrews offices in Berwyn, Pennsylvania.

“On the other hand, now you can expert evidence about the reasons for the delay,” says the MAN.

After Sandusky case, a new Pennsylvania law was adopted, allowing you to make a statement of one of experts about the behaviour of the victim are used in cases of sexual abuse, McGettigan’s, he says.

To say “they are psychological victims, sometimes out of fear, shame or other answers, sometimes not immediately, what does the icon of the complaint or protest immediately,” says McGettigan, was local, and Federal Prosecutor for over 20 years.

“Or do you suggest another view about the end of the credibility of the victim in a particular case,” he says.

Scott Berkowitz, founder and President of rape, abuse And incest national network, or “RAINN,” he says, “that’s unusual”, you’re a bit of delay in reporting incidents of sexual violence.

“Of course, it makes it difficult for police and prosecutors trying the case, but the fact that tax to move forward, to suggest that there is new evidence indicates that, allegedly,” he tells PEOPLE.

“Prosecutors do not like to lose,” he added, “my strong and think they have, as this step is, if you thought that this is a valid argument for the wearing of the jury.”

Bill Cosby comes to the court, with charge of the crime aggravates the fornicators on Wednesday, Jan. 30

Matt Rourke / AP

Stand the testimony will be crucial, says McGettigan.

“I was trying cases of violations were before DNA was almost always” he said, she said, ” he says. “When the jury thought the victim was credible, what would you most”.

McGettigan’s, knows all the lawyers on both sides of the box, but there’s no reference, and none of them says that he will see it next.

“What I think is the most interesting thing that I think has a lot of very smart lawyers,” he says.

“Kevin Steele knows what he’s doing and I have a high opinion of [Cosby’s attorney] Brian McMonagle. He is kind, and before the jury. He’s smart. He stays within the lines. He’s doing everything right.”