Indianapolis, Importantly, That he Died, Remains of children running away from the bus like a Hero: “she will Always be My friend,” Says the student

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When Teresa Benz, son was hitting on all 6 degrees from Amy Beverland elementary school in Indianapolis, took his concerns directly to the head of Susan Jordan, immediately took measures to make sure that both guys are not in contact with each other again.

“It was a terrible situation that she rides like a Champ”, as Benz said to the PEOPLE: on Wednesday, a day after Jordan was proclaimed a hero after pressing the two disciples on the way from the bus, shortly before he met and killed. “She said ‘I’ and looked at her.”

For Benz and many others, it is not surprising that Indiana-most importantly-acted selflessly to protect the lives of his disciples. “It certainly says the hero,” Benz.

Jordan died on Tuesday after a school bus that was hit to have about 25 students at the end of the day suddenly lurches forward and with a stop position in the Parking lot of the school, and to work on them, the Sergeant Indianapolis Metropolitan police. Kendal Adams tells PEOPLE.

Two students, both 10 years old, they suffered too. Remained in stable condition Wednesday at Riley hospital for children at IU health, said a hospital spokesman tells PEOPLE.

An initial investigation showed no mechanical problems on the bus. “In principle we believe that it’s operator error,” says Adams.

The bus driver showed no signs of poisoning”, too, could ride regularly or suffer any medical emergency. No tickets were issued.

“We think this is nothing more than a tragic accident,” he says.

The bus driver never told the firefighters that they did not know why the bus accelerated and went up on the sidewalk, but he said shortly before the crash she saw the river Jordan and several students out of the way, the Indianapolis fire Captain Battalion Chief. Rita Wright tells PEOPLE.

This split second move “absolutely” saves children’s lives, Adams said.

Students collected Amy Beverland elementary school, after school, after a bus accident in Indianapolis, Tuesday, Jan. 26.

Mykal McEldowney / the Indianapolis Star / AP

Reith, she adds, “until the end of her life, she did what she did was, to protect children. She was so heroically, something else no one expected from her.”

Jordan, 69 years old, he was the Director of the school for 22 years and known as “legends” for their “great leader” and professionalism, in consultation with the district.

She said two daughters, Amanda and Lisa, area, it. Sources said that Jordan also had several grandchildren, of which he was also a pupil at the school.

Wendy Osborn, whose children attended Amy Beverland few years ago and also there voluntarily, said Jordan was not to remain one of them in his post. You walked down the hallways greeting students and their parents and spent many hours watching the kids.

“She made every student feel like a man,” Osbourne tells PEOPLE.

Another Benz sons, Adam, 9, tells PEOPLE about what Jordan called the office recently, but not because of one issue. Instead, she said that since its birth was in the summer, she wanted to celebrate her birthday and half will give you a map and a pen.

“She’ll always be my friend,” he says, “although she lives far away in heaven now.”