John stamos, to Have children: “If the time is Right it will Happen’

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John stamos, to Have children: “If the time is Right it will Happen’
11/08/2015 12:03 PM ET




If he’s uncle Jesse, or grandparents, Jimmy, one more thing, by the way, John stamos, love working with children!

“We are watching with twins,” said stamos to PEOPLE, as he be worth Josh peck dowry by the user emelia and Layla Golfieri, share paper for your granddaughter in the Acquired rights, if he has had 2. visiting session of the goodwill gala in Dana Point, California, on Saturday . “We were at Disneyland the week I, [Josh] and led us to the twins.”

His clear stamos, got a lot of fun with the whole family. If this is a real life family, but it’s interesting, slightly different. “I don’t understand the Council”, – joked the actor about what your life really sister Alaina Talavera (“the man is the CEO of Good) wants to convey, he is in the majority. “I’m a star,” the time has come, the children go to get someone … but you can tell that she’s a good girl.’ “

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“I don’t know what the other side. I’ve never had [children],” the 50-year-old actor said. “When the time comes, it will happen. This year about it, as is clear from my head, to be healthy, and my racer on the track. I think that everything is in the right place, while I’m a good, solid, spiritually.”

Spirituality is the diary of the regiment stamos. “I meditate and pray every day,” he said. “I’ve studied transcendental meditation when I from the Beach Boys and helped very much, from work was so anxious.”

Also was an extremely difficult year for the actor. In June, accused of DUI and entered rehab for drug addiction in the month of July. Her mother died last year. But a knock on her spiritual side, his “clarity of mind.”

“I always turbulent at the top and from the bottom,” she said. “So they are looking for consistency”.

A good friend can do wonders in achieving coherence. And since the show has started, stamos, drew a lot of inspiration from the cost and comrade peck. “He’s a great man,” said stamos. “He’s a guy who lives on the right side, and good honest people. The whole world asks ‘what can John learn?’ And I really learn from this guy, because he’s right.”

—Raha Lewis