Keeping Up with the Kardashians summary: Kylie Jenner: “I Go Through These moments when I Hate my life”

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During the kardashian-Jenner clan, reactions, Bruce Jenner, the transition from husband to wife, but powerful.

As already last week Bruce is in the center, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloé Kardashian has responded to the news that Bruce the transition to be angry, with him not just about how soon the transition will be.

How will this week, KUWTK, Kylie Jenner – Bruce and Chris “the younger,” was a completely different side of yourself.

If Khloé offer therapy, Kylie will be told that you have no intention of actual work through your feelings so that therapy only works for people who want it. Nevertheless, he admitted, “I feel that pass through these moments when I hate my life”.

“Kylie and I [Bruce the transition] is different. Kylie doesn’t suppress your feelings,” said Kendall KUWTK camera, showing his own work as a model stays busy enough that you are able to review. Although Kylie, of course, has its share of companies that only 17 years old and can not work, or travel, almost as much as their older sisters, and has nothing but time to enjoy.

In Malibu, the house, Bruce, ” he said to the other, “Kylie, we really have to worry. … This difficult time of dealing with this. I’m doing everything I can to try to get in touch, to stay, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. I only deleted the last time.”

He added, Bruce: “My big concern is that we only had a close relationship, so many years, and my children are everything to me. … I don’t want you to leave, emotionally”.

Kylie More is happening Shows that their adrenaline junkie SideIn an attempt to keep the family together, at the root of all these big changes, Kim decided to take all the travel-ski resort Big Sky, Montana. There, Kylie was still removed. “My sisters are trying to push me to talk,” he said, “but I don’t really want to talk to anyone now.”

In an apparent attempt to keep your thoughts, your feelings, Kylie found her internal addicted to adrenaline and Khloé took along the waterfront. Were, heli-ski that Khloé was obviously not happy, but something you decided to support his sister.

“I feel like you’re doing all these things to distract your thoughts, for they shall be many,” Khloé said Kylie, in the end your big day, make sure your cab, hire. (“The cockpit”. Was in the mansion.)
“But I feel that’s how you do it because you feel when you Jenner,” Khloé added. “I feel like this relationship stuff with your father.”

Khloé words may have been sunk in Kaili, he called my dad and after he pressed a few jokes, shock (“Oh my God, this is my daughter!”), both had a good conversation about your day and your new home ” (“horsey situation”).

“I wish you were here to do crazy things with me,” Kylie said Bruce, pointing cameras in one interview: “my father and I, we have so many things together. He makes all these changes, but I want to make sure I’m close connection with him.”

When Bruce told his comrade in the beginning of the episode, Kylie reluctance to speak, the transition was” probably less about [Bruce] and March through your process.” With the help of his sister, it seems that Kylie is, without doubt, in his way, to be able to “farewell”.

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