Madonna Describes ‘nightmare’ on the stage of the fall, and confessed that deep wounds

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It was the worse pain that you stopped.

Madonna, said to his Instagram followers was “good” after falling from the stage during the Brit Awards, and on Wednesday, in fact, he was wounded himself, and it is protected to be there all night.

“I was hurt, my ass, it hurts, my head,” Material Girl, ” said 56-year-old on Thursday during the recording of the program ITV Jonathan Ross Show in the UK, the episode airs next month.

“I know how they fall. I fell on my horse, many times, and I’m on the run, and I have a good base of strength … but the thing is that I am not a whip, and I hit the back of the head. So, there was a man standing in front of me with a flashlight until about 3 o’clock in the morning, I have the compos of the mentis.”

She said that the incident was bruising for another reason.

“It was a nightmare because I like it to be amazing,” said he. “Seriously, sampling and testing and, thus, that when I show simple, and I think that magic, and I did. In fact, I was a look of horror for all”.

Some people actually thought it was a trick, based on “love of life” texts, including such lines as: “he Brought me into the sky and makes me fall … I got up and looked at me to stumble.”

“I’ll never write a letter like this again and again! The universe tries me a lesson, I suppose,” Madonna, ” he joked.

Also describes the incident in detail, as it is said, was ousted from the beginning of the series.

“I am a creature of habit, and I can check everything – and they gave me a key at the beginning of my message,” he said. “They said I tie my and start earning much further back, we checked.”

She added: “the whole world was concerned that my will be run, slides, because it’s really hard, so a draw is very tight around my neck … So here I am marching, like a Queen, and I up the stairs and pulled me to my silky chain, and not cancelled. And my two beautiful Japanese dancers, basically, I’m a soul outside of the workspace. I had a choice: it can be throttled or fall with the Cape, and I fell.”