Meet the elite of Doctors, I will deliver to Princess Kate’s Second child

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A doctor from the team, to help the Princess Kate birth in the coming weeks ready for other spells, is in the spotlight.

Real doctors Alan Brighter and guy Thorpe-Beesten the head of an elite team that this helps, Kate, 33, and her husband, William, 32, welcome to your second child to the world.

And you’re not very familiar with a real partner. Two surgeons attended Prince George’s birth in the private Lindo wing of st. Mary’s Hospital in London. They were doctors, chose, on the side of Kate when she suffered a serious illness, pregnancy, last fall.

The rest of the team may include, neonatologen Sunit Godambe, anesthesiologist, and a team of midwives. The last time, Kate, was reportedly a team of four midwives to help her, under the leadership of Jacqueline Dunkley-bent, Professor of obstetrics at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Kate is quite likely that your child delivered by midwives Thorpe-Beesten with midwives in hand to help during labor and childbirth.

The surgeon Marcus Setchell, 71-year-old man, who led the medical staff to the birth of George was awarded the title of knight for his services to the Royal family and pulled back. Kate was at your party, retired in March 2014, in a London hotel.

Sir Professor John Cunningham, personal physician to the Queen, she was also in st Mary’s Hospital George’s arrival, also retreated. Professor Hugh Thomas, who replaced him in that role, which, as we know, Queen-Elizabeth-the doctor – the family is, it is likely that you are in Santa Maria birth in the observation.

The key medic likely that Thorpe-Beesten 55 years, as a consultant, obstetrician-gynecologist specializes in the delivery of babies. Graduated from Cambridge University in 1984 and a very prestigious, your experience in the treatment of high risk pregnancy. He said, “I try to keep things simple, gives advice, honestly.”

Brighter, 51 years old, consultant gynaecological surgeons and oncologists in some major hospitals in London and was appointed to help, Setchell in 2008. Replaces his head, like a surgeon, gynaecologist, Queen. (Thorpe-Beesten official name is the doctor the gynecologist – house.)

Speaker nick Ross of knowledge came a penny, and his friendship with quadrant’s ex-girlfriend Jill, popular speaker bi-bi-si tragically died in your door, in April 1999.

“He’s very, stereotype left in English. He seems in a jar: charming, cool and reliable. Alan is very difficult to find the grain in the oyster,” Ross tells PEOPLE.

Ross quadrant assistance, funds of the Institute and Important in memory, ” he adds, “He’s not there to see, in the spotlight”.

And it is the perfect choice to be true physician. “He is a model of discretion,” says Ross. “Most doctors, but this is the nature of your personality, so. He is so kind, distrustful, not hot, in the sense that they are lush, but certainly not cold. He’s very charming.”

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