Minnesota father, who Allegedly Killed family in murder-suicide – links to a woman of the Muslim faith Written in His own blood: police

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After a year of investigation, Minnesota, the police say, we do not yet know exactly why the veterans, military and filmmaker David Crowley killed his wife and daughter before she goes to him.

But yeah, I know: Together with the corpses of her family, Crowley left a few messages – even in writing to his wife in the blood.

“The fact that the sum of all that I was a boy, broke,” Apple Valley police chief Jon Rechtzigel told the pioneer press. “Crossing this line to this level of violence is violence in the family, no ifs, ands or buts.”

“I want to say, to deprive of life, his daughter and his wife, and, in addition, what is written on the wall in blood,” Rechtzigel, ‘ she continued. “No one thinks to do this only if you really amazes the mind, the heart at this point.”

PEOPLE were not immediately able to Apple valley police for a comment.

The scene of the crimeIn 94-page report to get the pioneer press Apple Valley, police detail their results with the first minutes of the investigation into the death when Crowley’s’ said neighbors for the first time their bodies in January. 17, 2015, weeks, after one of them was last seen alive.

Warning: Some of the following descriptions of the research report contain graphical information.
According to the report, Crowley, 29-year-old and 28-year-old wife Komel Crowley and 5 years, Ranija daughter were found shot in the living room of their home.

The weapons were found together with David on hand in the living room, according to police reports. County medical examiner – decided to Butt and Rainya homicide deaths, and David, death, suicide, after the Pioneer Press.

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Three died somewhere. Dec. 26, in accordance with the document – although they, according to police, David shoot spent an unknown amount of time alone in the house after his wife and daughter.

In mid-January their bodies were devastated the family dog, which apparently caught at home because of their death, according to police reports.

After photos from the crime scene, writes the New York Daily News”, the inspection of the house shows an error message on one of the walls of the room, big bloody letters: “Allahu Akbar”, “Allah is great”.

David was “a last little injection him, sarcastic the case sent to the [Butt] of its Moorish past,” Rechtzigel pioneer press said.

“Bloody” the Qur’an was revealed in the vicinity of bodies, in accordance with the document, and the prayer for forgiveness for the dead.

As reported to the kitchen, the police found the laptop still open and in operation, to read with TextEdit note, “I loved her with all my heart.”

At the office, home, police found a laptop with dry blood, open-phrases and “open” the awakening ” and “latest version.”

Crowley was described as a Director of independent films, worked in narrative features named gray state, depending on the concept trailer released in August 2012, it seems that after the collapse of American society and the formation of a militarized state, with links to the Ministry of emergency situations and economic collapse.

The climb was the second project that David, after the pioneer press, a documentary film, which he described as “a Manifesto, in which gray – state model”.

Our hope was we would find a note or something reportedly said a veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan, one of David’s friends Fox9 he believed that David was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

According to police reports, neighbors say they began to look at the change in David, beginning with autumn: He started wearing in the army was tired, and she cut off his hear in Mohawk.

However, some neighbors also, she describes him as friendly, although there’s Moody introversion and family unity than seems to be normal.

“Our hope was we would find a note or anything like that, but we did not do it,” a police captain. John Bermel,” said the pioneer press. “There was nothing that could indicate about your mood.”

In the months preceding his death, the family was also far from David, his family, according to police reports.

“Of course, there’s a reason why the recent silence,– which, of course, not every form of lust storage and communication of our own families,” Komel he wrote in one Dec. 22, 2014, letter, sister of David, according to reports.

“I don’t think it was something David and I could explain, but that’s all I want to share with others,” she wrote. “We are trying with an endless list of deeply personal issues in silence, as adults, as lover, as partner and parent”.

In subsequent exchanges, the Butt of the family from Crowley withdrew, the invitation to join them that eve. Instead, she wrote, as if time in your home “before putting into operation the lights around the house, so part of hot cocoa and tell stories of children who have been through the fire.”

When the police found their dead bodies in January, Christmas, lights be.