Open field mayhem True crime – serial, As the brother of the victim, in the murder of Eugenie Boisfontaine hope 1997 Cold case is Solved

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Over the past 19 years, Curt Boisfontaine to come to grips with the idea that whoever killed his sister Zhenya 1997 and threw their bodies in the Louisiana bayou could never do it justice.

“I believed that he would not be able to be resolved on one more such case,” says Boisfontaine in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE.

But all that changed when he learned that in the cold time of the investigation may be the murder of her sister, presented on the opening of a new true crime series, the killing fields, where its fourth episode tonight, at 10 AM EST.

Six episodes of the documentary series follows the former Iberville parish Det. Rodie Sanchez, who stood from his rest, to explore, to solve the murder of Eugene that has not been in the state nearly two decades ago, did has haunted him ever since.

Eugenia, 34, a Louisiana State University student, at the time, was absent, three months before their bodies were discovered in the region of wet, marshy wetlands, known as the dump of corpses. There is evidence of trauma medic squeezed pulled down.

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“I was completely surprised,” says curt Boisfontaine when I heard that it just opened again, but on TELEVISION.

“I do a series, to see how I failed? This is evident for obvious reasons difficult, and there are many things about the circumstances of Eugenia from death, I am learning for the first time.”

Boisfontaine, 56 years old, with headquarters in Dallas developers, tells how her sister was “happy, reflective man,” one “very challenging” period after their marriage broke up.

Courtesy Of Discovery Channel

Courtesy Of Discovery Channel

The decision to reopen the case, says her brother, showed that he was hit sweetly-sour taste, for his mother’s “especially hard” for your daughter’s murder.

“The time will come, shortly after my sister Suzanne died unexpectedly in December 2014,” says Boisfontaine. “My mother is a woman who had very much to bury two of their three children.”

The series was proposed to the family that lit a spark of hope that the case can be solved in one day, says Boisfontaine.

“I think Rodie, [Detective] Aubrey [San Angelo] Iberville parish and the team are doing their best to find the killers of Eugene,” says Boisfontaine. “After the fall, was again opened in the beginning of the series she is very little research new tracks, and maybe some team with optimism.”