Royal brothers: their bonuses and their rivalry

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For royal parents Prince William and Kate, her second child, it will be very expensive, in addition, his family and the man, little Prince George.

Life is a privilege, comfort and William and Kate, no doubt, in the hope of privacy awaits, as the latest addition to the family stood the Prince or Princess.

But as a “replacement” for, “heritage”, as many see it, is not free from difficulty, if history is not important. Princess Diana was convinced that his sons William, 32 years old, and Prince Harry, 30, were described as “normal” as possible, and share a close relationship in question has not been achieved, from the other heirs and his immediate successors.

It was not always so. “There is, of course, the tradition of alienation between heirs and spare parts – sublimated, envy, may be the cause and the proximity between William and Harry, very unusual,” says dear members of the Royal family commentator Robert Lacy. Happiness, which guarantees the Duchy of Cornwall, the Prince of Wales than the heirs can “isolate” their brothers, Lacy create.

And, as Lacy said, this is not always the first-born in the big, famous monarch. Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, and “in our time, George VI, was the younger brother of Edward VIII, Lacey, author of the Brief life of the Queen, says from the vagaries of history. “George VI, was written all his life, as a minor, his younger brother, but he saved the monarchy after the abdication, and his will go quality were reacted with people who during the second world war.

Fraternal BondApart distribution in a narrow circle of friends, William and Harry presented to a single system-in his public life. Two co-founded and has made his name in the Fund, together with Kate, 32, and you only, high members of the Royal family, to share the auspices of the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund.

Like any father, William and Kate, no doubt, in the hope that future navigation soft for his two children – a task that a couple of royal brothers knew them very well.

Princess Margaret (left) and Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth, 88, and his late sister, Princess Margaret, was four years age difference. But, although they are completely different characters, are as different as chalk and cheese, which were very, very close,” says Margaret biographer Christopher Warwick. “I’ve always been a bond of love between you two. They and Margarita ” is a lot of talk every day on the phone.”

But there were differences in the manner in which you were treated, and he, raising his eyebrows.

“When it became clear that the Queen was the heiress claimed that they were engaged in verfassungsgeschichte, and I remember talking with Princess Margaret, as I said, ” you know you’re surprised that it is not given the same lessons?’ And she said, ‘I know, has always been a stumbling block,” says Warwick, author of the Princess Margaret, life is full of contrasts.

“I said, ‘I’m sure it was. Was short-sighted, because her father was the second son, and had a heart for his sister, not given the school was completely relevant to your sister,’ Warwick added. “She was absolutely agree.”

More FamilyIn the case of Prince George, but, brother, the dynamics can be very likely have to modify William and Kate decided, the third child.

Real observers, for its part, believes that it is still on the cards for the couple.

“For anyone who uses the skills that you have not seen, Catalina” – you’re one of the three children – “a burning vocation, in addition to its desire to maintain, William a creative way to companion. For more children, in short, part of what” Lacy beats.

“I have a feeling that middle and upper class parents in the UK today have more children, less,” he adds. “I would have thought that this is not all.”

Kate Middleton

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