Supergirl Laura benanti’s hairstyles and Patrick brown are Married – See their Matching couple of tea!

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Supergirl Laura benanti’s hairstyles and Patrick brown are married.

The actress and her new husband, announced the wedding via Instagram on Monday and since then together a lot of pictures of “Mr. and Mrs. brown.”

“Today will be my wife. I’m super excited! #GetDownWithMrAndMrsBrown,” brown subtitles Instagram photo from Sunday.

Later subtitled another photo with two hands (with benanti ‘ s hairstyle rings and bands in fullscreen) “##GetDownWithMrAndMrsBrown.”

#after #GetDownWithMrAndMrsBrown

Photo published @impbrown in Nov 15, 2015 4:57pm PST

Benanti’s published photos of hairstyles and worthy of little more than 30,000 Instagram with sweet pendant after the wedding add-on.

“Mr. And Mrs. brown,” the 36-year-old actress wrote next to a photo of the newlyweds wearing, just as “man” and “wifey” t-shirts.

Mr And Mrs Brown

A photo posted by Laura benanti’s hairstyles (@Laura benanti) on 16 Jan, 2015 at 5:28 PST

The pair gave their engagement in June with an Instagram photo of both, smiling, as benanti’s hairstyles showed its glittering mega carat ring.

Brown published, the dedication, the photo on Instagram with the words “she said Yes!!! Happier and happier”.