“The word kindness that I Can Save,’: thanks to Madonna fans in the center of a custody dispute with guy Ritchie

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Lovers of cross Madonna the Queen of pop music, thick and thin.

On Saturday, Madonna photos of letters from their fans on Instagram, writing, “thank you soooooo much released for it!!!! It means a lot to me! A word of kindness that can save me!”

A letter signed “Rebel Heart” Madonna Rebel Heart after the current world tour, fans expressed that unconditional support for “Like a prayer” singer.

“We weep with you, but we know that we are moving forward, as we always do. Born as a lion and lived like a lion,” we read in this letter. “We just want to let you know that our love to save us every day, and we hope that we can do the same thing.”

Thank you for this soooooo much!!!! It means a lot to me! The word. kindness that can save me! . #rebelheart4ever

Photo published by Madonna (@madonna) 23. January 2016 at 7:48 PST

Earlier on Saturday, Madonna sweet photo of their children David, 9, and mercy, which published 10, titled “the Lord is mysterious.”

The Lord mysteriously

Photo published by Madonna (@madonna) 23. January 2016 at 7:46 PST

Madonna is currently in the middle of a custody fight with ex-husband guy Ritchie during his 15-year-old son Rocco.

Rocco decided to go and live with Richie in the UK because he was bored – his mother, an excursion to the source, he previously told PEOPLE. After he returned to the UNITED States to leave, Madonna, turned at the end of December in the city of new York judge him Rocco to return to N. Y. C.
However, sources say Rocco is still at home, and from school was not enough and went to Richie. Sources also claim that the custody fight over the struggle of power between Madonna and Ritchie broke.

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