These 71 year Trying to sail Across the Atlantic 9 Were Rescued on the lake-Once in 7 months – and I’m Only in England

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Two sailors the Americans, determined the nickname “captain disaster”, to finish its journey across the Atlantic ocean, although he was saved nine times in the last seven months.

They are traveling aboard a 40 ft. Nora, by the way, Bob and Steve Shapiro, both 71 years old, he left Norway in July with the aim of landing on the coast of Maine, in the year.

Since then the rescue services from Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland and England occupied, with two errors from the battery, two cases of damage to the drive and once again, when she got in trouble, while remo, anchored yacht. We also dropped in Northern Ireland, Ireland and Scotland.

Friends Steve and Bob Shapiro-the Whites were saved, nine times in 7 months at sea

The last time the pair won after they have accidentally put in fire, Nora in the small harbour of Hayle, Cornwall, when he turned the boat at low tide and a burning candle the volume on their clothes. Shapiro and were in the land, gathering food during the blaze and the safety insisted the fire station, before Nora had suffered more damage.

A pair of adventurers who now hid in a small fishing village until the famous British weather, she is assuming that will happen next week.

“I bought a boat and I carry me home. It’s as simple as,” Shapiro, screenwriter and writer, originally from California says the MAN.

“We do a lot of cleaning and repair. The ship looks like hell because there are a large number of cosmetic damage was a lot of painting missed off. Surprisingly, the color was roughly trimmed, when the pressure on wash’s helmet. Over on the side of the boat crap, it seems.

“But after next week we’re finished.”

Your ship, which escaped the hole, the dump, aground and was burned, but people still are determined to cross the Atlantic ocean

At the same time, vulnerable to accidents torque was then a former Chairman of the British sailors and fugitive was in the nearby Royal Standard pub for drying clothes and enjoy a good Cornish hospitality easily after seven hazardous months at sea.

“The people they have are wonderful people, and their clients are absolutely wonderful”, he adds Shapiro. “I to tears with how I was treated and through the cornice of the people.”

Shapiro and must – retired army helicopter pilot United States – Idaho-to make Hayle Marina was in the service, your goal is to sail in the Canary Islands before they across the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean sea. So, hope, journey from the East coast to Maine in June.

First, have to navigate your way around the lands end and lizard point, two of the most famous trails of water on the British coast. As before, the more dangerous the task, to cross the English channel – the busiest traffic artery on the planet.

“This is a disaster to happen,” says Hale Marina master Peter Haddock.

“I have a feeling that emergency services will be again. They seem to just go from one disaster to another.

“I don’t think you can see the danger in which they are located. The stranger seems to her.

“The biggest problem is to decide, for your own safety and for people who go outside and rescue, or your problems”.

Hale, who is this man, who found a hole from burning in the port, then adds with an ironic smile: “many people have told me, is just to leave him to burn.”