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#Grease is the word Live.

Fat: to see life, have a night of TV for many Sunday, and spectators had a lot to say about Fox, the transfer of the classic musicals.

Starring Julianne Hough, such as sand and Aaron tveit than Danny, the breakdown of fats: confronts life, not only the study of a live audience, but also the watchful eyes of millions of people across the country.

And people had a lot to say about the live event (and we’re not just talking about your response to Tveit in sports trousers):

Began to sing and to dance said fat clarification to my father, and he “have you been drinking?” “NO!” #ExcitedMuch #Grease Live

— Suggs (@StephanieSuggs) 31 January 2016

Julianne Hough, Dee Dee, Barry and the occupation. So excited to LIVE the FAT (@gogrease) tonight!! I know it will be…

Olivia Newton-John (@olivianj) 1. February 2016

I’m less than impressed with #Grease prefer to live and kill Jessie J who are in these high heels on wet roads even now.

— Kirstine V (@Kurty123) 1. February 2016

@doesntmattr I completely forgot that Ana Gasteyer was in Boyz II Men

— Meltissa Thomsun (@Melissa Thomson) 1. February 2016

I support #Grease Live but when you see TV, movies, etc., we must ask ourselves, “Wait a teenager can take on these functions?” #Justice forteens

— Billy eichner (@Billy eichner) 31 January 2016

Aaron looks as good as Danny, I live only one chickpea #Grease

agent carter Danica (@hanleia_) 1. February 2016

Aaron tveit hair has its own life and probably has a higher belt from me.#Grease Live

— mads Pennington (@MadsPennington) 1. February 2016

Vanessa Hudgens comes back now where it belongs: singing in secondary school. #Grease Live

— Amanda Valentovic (@avalentovic) 1. February 2016

“I have a feeling that I’m not in salt lake.” #Grease Live @GoGrease @ChrisRiceNY

— The Book Of Mormon (@BookofMormon) 1. February 2016

@Cosmopolitan My 5 years old to dance on summer nights #Grease Live

— Marilu (@Ragdoll Harlow) 1. February 2016

Fat – 2016: Arena met with Danny on Tindr. You get stuck at all summer. Then it will be the spirits from her in September. #Grease Live

Board Alyse (@BrettAlyse) 1. February 2016

#Grease live it’s nice to see integrated schools in the 1950-ies. #rewrite History

— D4 Brothers (@D4BrosComedy) 1. February 2016

I was Saved by the bell #Grease live vibration, and then, AC SLATER displayed

— Christian (@LivChristianLiv) 1. February 2016

I’ve never been a fan, but I’m sure to test it IN form. #Grease Live #bringiton

Lureen R Golden deer (@lorinrobyn) 1. February 2016

I have a game play for you and your friends every time the sand gets to take the face shot #Grease Live

Aaron Ray (@Aaron_Ray_) 1. February 2016

In order to be cool. Luan gets. #Grease Live

— Thepessimist Optimist (@PessOpti) 1. February 2016

Therefore, the positions cheerleader auditions full, but empty PEP-rally? #Grease Live

Oh, that podcast (@ohitsapodcast) 1. February 2016

“You lied to me?!”
Yes. So now you have all of yourself to him as you. #Grease Live

— Logan (@slogan Again) 1. February 2016

The real stars of the youth in the audience, so awkward robbery on camera #Grease Live

— Morgan (@Alan Morgan) 1. February 2016

Just #Grease was lively and a drink all the hints, over my head as a child.

Abby Roseberry rice (@elitefourabby) 1. February 2016

I explained #Grease Live up to 9jahre: “It’s a girl that completely change for a guy like you.” She gave me the smell of your eye.

— Jane Healy (@Jane Healy) 1. February 2016

This room has too much space to run #Grease Live

— Scott Mooney (@Moon Shine Scott) 1. February 2016

I looked at her a moment, and suddenly we were in the same show using the #Grease Live

— Natalie Abrams (@Natalie Abrams) 1. February 2016

Hey, members of the public, cannot affect, in unison #Grease Live

— P Steph (@steffandthecity) 1. February 2016

I’M GOING TO FIGHT. #Grease Live

— Robbie Bear (@rjmedwed) 1. February 2016

Was not quite sure Aaron tveit, than fitting, but the blows from the hips don’t lie. #Grease Live

Sharon Tharp (@sharontharp) 1. February 2016

THIS, I’M DEAD. The DEATH of AARON TVEIT #greased Lightnin #Grease Live

— Tina (@tasharomanvff) 1. February 2016

When Aaron tveit maybe the rest of the sample on top of the fuel tank and some shorts, that would be my focus. #Grease Live

— Kate McMurray (@katemcmwriter) 1. February 2016

People are not words, these 50 years have done? #Grease Live

— MusicalTheatreMash (@MusicalMash) 1. February 2016

Man:you know, I think that you will win in Iowa??
I: Patty Simcox.
#Grease Live.

Culture Klutz (@WhirlingPervish) 1. February 2016

I STOOD UNDER the SHOWER AND don’T Know WHERE WE THAT THIS was the LAST SONG that will be ON, that SOMEONE HELPS him #Grease Live

— ? Jason ? (@EdgarAllanBr0) 1. February 2016

THIS must be the best thing I never #Grease Live

— P-The Mill (@MVHSMiller) 1. February 2016

Frenchy: “All I need an angel”
Boyz II Men: “what three?” #Grease Live

— Dana Fazziola (@DanaFazz) 1. February 2016

I am also a mother @mamamoore48 #Grease Live

— drivers chill (@merganmoore_) 1. February 2016

I’m ready to hand-Jive #Grease Live

Madison Gayle (@gotmadspills) 1. February 2016

The rules are not “sweetness” #Grease Live

— Megan Canny (@uncanny_megan) 1. February 2016

“If you love with older guys”? ALL THIS HIGH SCHOOL 33! #Grease Live

— Josh Johnson (@JoshtheSandwich) 1. February 2016

It’s not as show – dancing With the stars #Grease Live #Grease sighting #HowLowCanYouGo it was

Keri-Anne Michaelis (@KeriMichaelis) 1. February 2016

Mario Lopez creeps me out BC he still looks like a Slater. It’s not natural. I was hoping they screech and Zack not far off. #Grease Live

— Nikki (@TheNiktionary) 1. February 2016

Teacher: “Why not to do homework”
I said, “I was busy doing something of utmost importance”
Teacher: “What”
Me: “Just #Grease Live “

— Hannah Pekar (@hannahpekarr) 1. February 2016

WELL, the sound was Outside within a MINUTE, ALMOST made me cry, I sweat SO much FELL #Grease Live

— I VI (@Vee902) 1. February 2016

What to do if sand is in the witness protection program? Why not on camera? #Grease Live

— Chloe (@Chloe Good HART) 1. February 2016

Except the POOL was ON the set, BUT SHE will NOT SWIM IN the EMAIL, I FEEL CHEATED #Grease Live

— Talaura Of Damage (@MyNameIsTalaura) 1. February 2016

I said, “sandy! You will not be able to solve it!!” #Grease Live

The Pooh (@Fluff Robinson) 1. February 2016

#Grease Live, where you were, dancing hot dogs in the background, Oh, sandy?!? #Missing hot dog

— Gail Edgeworth (@gailer EDGE) 1. February 2016

WHAT’S GOING ON WITH THE GAME LUDO, RIZZO!? #Parcheesi Rules #Grease Live

— Strong Ivan Moore (@Ivan Moore) 1. February 2016

@GoGrease #Grease Live you are impressive, and I did get stuck in my game like this!!!

— Chris (The Wheel) – 3 Fink (@RadFinch) 1. February 2016

I feel to remove glasses and Eugene may be the next Patrick Dempsey #Grease Live

— The Duke Catherine (@cherz1) 1. February 2016

well, but the child clearly saw the path to come in #Grease Live

— John (@John_dlp) 1. February 2016

first year vs senior year #Grease Live

— Andy (@dylanobrienfave) 1. February 2016

Imagine Golf-cart-driver. Screaming took a wrong turn! Nah, bad cars, honey! Step it driver! #Grease Live

— Kelly Miller (@misskellydee04) 1. February 2016

Tonight I bent over fat the original Mean Girls &the original is Fast and Furious. So many parts in the place of falling of #Grease Live

Samantha Weiner (@SamanthaWeiner1) 1. February 2016

They look like 2 5 years of competitive games, a racing game, and I love it, #Grease Live

— Caitlin Culligan (@caitlinc118) 1. February 2016

20 years later Eugene own accord around town and the t – birds for his work. #Grease Live

— Emily Rose (@EmAndEmz7) 1. February 2016

Given #Grease Live almost more @GoGrease

— Siobhain (@summer0001) 1. February 2016

really annoying that it does not provide the shake shack, while this number #Grease Live

— Kelsey Gibson (@kelsterbelle) 1. February 2016

Although, not everyone was a fan:

Sid is not in #Grease Live

— Tory Measurements (@TTTTorrance) 1. February 2016